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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by wolnavi, Dec 30, 2011.

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  1. can you all please make the give command in bukkit work with toomanyitems please thanks
  2. It works. I have TooManyItems, it's working for me on bukkit.
    Note: You have to be OP or you need to have the permission to use the /give command.
    If you don't have this permission, TooManyItems won't work.
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    lol, what a retarded
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    Lol you got to remember that Minecraft has kids on it and sometimes they don't know how this stuff works. Their level is higher than yours if your that bad as to have to pick on someone less educated than you.
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    So, basically you think that because we have "kids" among us, trying to just cheat in online servers, we have to treat them as innocents instead of condemning the attitude? because they are "kids" ?

    Wow, you are a genius.
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    you but you can start with some respect cause calling someone a retard for not knowing how TMI works was just a bit over the edge don't you think?
  7. Yes, he is, you know why? Because he has the ability to show respect to people.
    And that's not cheating, It's practically the same as Creative mode.
  8. So using /give is cheating? Read the full context then you understand why people told the OP about permissions...
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    I have a strange feeling that you're a newbie too :p
  10. The permission, should you need it, is bukkit.command.give
    There was a bug in TMI that meant spawned items did not show up until you clicked the inventory slot where they would be. This has been fixed in recent versions of TMI.
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    also the are some plugin's i think it was CommandBook not sure right now you have to change the give-command:/give {0} {1} {2} {3} in the TooManyItems.txt under your .minecraft folder to match the plugin's command for give
  12. thanks for everything and spunkiie i think you can be kinder to me? sorry for not explaining it properly. what i meant is that can you guys fix the command of '/give' to give us colored wool and potions too? please thanks.
  13. The /give command built in to Minecraft does not support data values, as far as I know. You'd need a plugin such as Essentials or Commandbook.
  14. ok thanks
  15. I think some plugins allows give with data values. Maybe you can use such a plugin (search in plugin list) and edit something in Your TooManyItems.txt?
    (Don't know if this is possible, but it might work)
  16. Ok. Here is the right way.

    1. Close Minecraft
    2. Go to your .minecraft folder (you should know how since you installed TMI)
    3. Open TooManyItems.txt
    4. You should see this line: give-command:/give {0} {1} {2} {3}
    5. Erase {3}
    6. Save
    7. Start Minecraft
  17. but i wanna give my self colored wool =(
  18. ok use this Line

    give-command:/give {0} {1}:{3} {2}
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  19. It says:
    when i give myself orange wool (35:1)
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    As mentioned above, you'll need to use a plugin like CommandBook or Essentials to make this work
  21. Perfect explanation
  22. ok then... thanks
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    :mad: [arrow] Wheres the download for TMI? I dont see it. :mad:
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    Thanks so much
    I will see if if it works no:Dw

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  25. ok...
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