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    Plugin category: Mechanics | Fun | Role Playing

    Suggested name: Professions | Dungeon Mastery | Tool Professions

    What I want: A plugin in which you can be in an open area as if you are in adventure mode where you can still mine ores but they return not too long after. It is designed for role playing uses so that players can be more in depth and dedicated to the game.

    With this plugin there will be different mining levels in which you gain exp with the item in hand so you can continue to level that item up to the next "tier/level" then be able to proceed to being able to mine the next set of blocks. For each tier you are able to mine a specific set blocks using the config or the initial set ores then have the block give a certain amount of exp to the Pickaxe in which at its next tier will turn from Ex/ a Wood Pickaxe to a Stone Pickaxe that was initially only able to mine Coal and Lapis but can now mine Emerald and Redstone as well.

    However I don't see any reason for it to stop there. It can also involve Tiered Fishing Rods and Hoes. For the instance of Fishing Rods you will be fishing in areas that you designate as a specific level (tier) and then there you can fish for custom fish with configurable effects ( More/Less hunger, Strength, Speed, etc.) and then gain exp with the fishing rod so that you can increase its tier to fish at better spots and get better fish. For the hoes there will be set patches of farm that you can break(hoe) and then have a chance to gain the crops along with a delay of the next time you can break a crop. With the tiered hoe it will be able to get better chances to receive the crop. With the crops themselves they should have there own delay counter as well to regrow after time so they can be harvested like normal crops.

    Along with the previous setup the items should be able to be damaged over time and if not repaired broken and repairable at anvils. Similar to regular items of course as well the higher the tier the more durability. With the damage of durability it should be noted that ores will have a specific drop chance (success rate) of mining/fishing/farming. With the tier system it will always have its max tier my assumption would be 4-5 tiers so it could match the pickaxes and when at its final tier you can no longer gain exp of course.

    As a last moment of involvement one of the most desirable features would be the Stat Roll/Boosts when going to the next tier on an item. The pickaxe for example when proceeding from Tier 1 (Wood) to Tier 2 (Stone) it could have the chances to get possible rolls (listed below). This goes the same with Fishing and Farming however at its best it would be configurable to what the chances of receiving that boost and at what level it could be depending on the skill (pick/rod/hoe) as well what tier it is at.

    Double Drop ( 2,4,6%chance of getting double. )
    Triple Drop ( 1,2,3% chance of getting triple. )
    Exp Buff ( 5,10,15% chance of getting 2x the exp from that drop. )
    Unbreakable ( 15,25,35% chance of not receiving damage from that drop. )
    Success Buff ( 8,14,20% increased chance of success. )

    Ideas for commands:
    -/prof skill Being able to add stat rolls.
    -/prof give To give yourself or another player a Tiered item. (Pick/Hoe/Rod)
    -/prof exp To add exp to in hand/slot tiered item.

    ^ - Mainly for Administrators.

    Ideas for permissions:

    profession.use {
    profession.use.mining { In the sense of .use it would mainly be used in case you wanted to set a specific
    profession.use.farming { profession to donators or staff only. { (If you were to have it so you can buy a Tier 1 (no exp) profession item from an npc/shop)
    profession.skill ( Permission for adding stat rolls/skills. ) -
    profession.give ( Permission for giving Tiered items ) - Admin/Operator Commands
    profession.exp ( Permission for adding exp to tiered item ) -

    When I'd like it by: At Developers Convenience or at any case where of meeting at an agreeable stand point.
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