[TOOL/PERM] PermsHelper 0.1 (WIP)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Xenarthran, Jan 28, 2012.

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    PermsHelper 0.1

    PermsHelper is still in the development stages, and is not yet able to create permissions.
    However, you can get some development builds from the link below.

    PermsHelper is a GUI for Permissions Creation. When the first official releases are out, PermsHelper will have the ability to take user input from a window and save it as a text file for use by PermissionsBukkit, and other Permission plugins.

    I need to know which Plugins to add support for, so add the one you use in a post and ill add it to this list:
    (I'll check out how these are formatted and pick a few.)
    • PermissionsBukkit (the default one) -almost finished coding
    • bPermissions
    • EssentialsGroupManager
    • PermissionsEx
    As soon as PermissionsBukkit reading smoothly I will move on to the frame.
    Thank you for your patience, hopefully I can throw my first version out there sometime soon.
    Moved on to the GUI. Not very far into it, but my first developmental build is available at:

    After the first official PermissionsBukkit release I will work on a system where each user can insert a file into the jar to get support for their specific plugin.
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    If you write it in java, you won't need to support a specific platform :)

    Also, I'd appreciate bPermissions support and I'd love to help you implement it.
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    Yay! Okay well that makes my life a ton easier

    Okay Ill add bPermissions to the List
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    Added to the list. The main frame is coming together very quickly, expect a release may/April (it may take a while to code the actual properties)
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    Can u support PermissionsEx?

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    bPermissions seems like it would be easy to enable, but I couldnt find an example config file for PermissionsEx or EssentialsGroupManager :/
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    for PermissionsEx example config file go to their github it has one somewhere in there
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