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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by JamesShadowman, Aug 16, 2011.

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    NOTE -- Not a Griefing Client -- More of a Tool for Minecraft than Bukkit, But can be helpful for switching between Client Mods/Vanilla
    (Copied from MCForum)
    James's Client Creeper Tools! (And TheWutz's Amazing GUI)

    Hello! This is my first program (I've released), and it was a Collab project between me and TheWutz. I designed the Core that allows the program to work, and he designed the GUI that makes things simple. We originally had different projects, and we decided to work together to make a newer, better one.

    Here are some bugs we will fix (Or try to) in the future:
    -No Bugs At the Moment that we are aware of-

    Here are some bugs we will fix (Or try to) in the future:
    --No Known Bugs at the Moment--


    Upcoming Features:
    Please Suggest Features.
    Current Features:
    Switch between Mods Quickly and Easily with no hassle.
    Play Minecraft Offline as any Playername -- Allowing you to connect to Offline Servers.
    Works with Spout :D
    Easy to use GUI.
    In Offline, No need to have a different BIN for each mod. Just a single Jar (and a LWJGL Folder). It's Universal for all Offline Jars.
    Collects LWJGL Automatically from your .minecraft Library for Offline Mode. If it is not in there, you will have to get those files yourself.
    Be able to rename yourself for Offline Server play.
    Has all the features of all other Client Management Programs, and More, and Easier to use.
    Script or use our Addons to use Portable Minecraft, And Dropbox! (Built into the Program, Get Code from Spoiler)

    Here's a Link to the Program: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/38425399/James%27s%20Creeper%20Tools%20%28And%20Wutzy%27s%20Brilliant%20GUI%29.zip
    Info: The Core of this Program was written in Batch. The GUI was written in Auto-It. This should work with all versions of Windows above Windows 2000. If it doesn't, we will try to fix it.
    -Client Control Feature-
    This New Feature will allow you to select your saves and location of your Minecraft Files. This is for those people who want to switch between just saves and texture packs mainly, and mods. It's not required though, but... This is a bit more advanced, while still easy to use.
    New Video will be up in a bit.
    Because it has Creeper in it, it doesn't mean griefing. It's just a name :p (We'll change it later on).
    Due to Recent events, I will say this, In order to get an Update, YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD IT. Don't be a Dumbtard, and think Logically. Batch files can't auto-update.
    This will probably kill off DropMod, but not Portable (Can do it though).
    This Launches Minecraft Completely from the Flashdrive, or Dropbox.
    Alright, there is an Addon.bat in "%userprofile%\CreeperTools\"
    Here is the Current Dropbox/Portable Addon.
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    Updates Released -- New Features:
    No Blackbox appears when starting the program.
    Detects when it is first time running, and will tell you to restart the program to get the features to work.
    Got rid of all the Bugs we tried to fixed in the past.
    GUI will soon support Client Control and Username. Currently, these features are in the core of the Program, but no GUI Support for it atm. (If you PM Me I will tell you how to use these new features if you think you can understand.)
    Because there is no GUI for Offline, A Blackbox will appear to ask you for a Username. The only time a Blackbox will show up. If a bug appears in the new GUI and you forget to type a name, it will be OK, as this feature will remain.
    One of the features not supported by the GUI is the Client (Bin Control) that we discussed earlier. It can be used, but you need advanced options, ask me about them.
    A lot less Bug Prone. Slightly smaller code. Will be easier to Update in the Future.

    If you have any suggestions, Please post or PM them. [​IMG]
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    Looks like i got competition :)
    I remember the days of batch that was fun, still do a bit every now and then but i would suggest you learn c# or vb and of course java (i am still learning). c# and vb are great for programs such as what you have made, btw my launcher is pretty similar but i want to make it something else now.
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    I already know C#, not enough to make a GUI at the moment. I'm learning Java too, but Mainly C#. I'm learning it right now. I have enough Knowledge of C# to do everything I can in Batch, but...
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    you realise there is a program called visual studio <-- Thats where the gui's are at.
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    I use Visual Studio. I don't know how to code the GUI itself. Like if I set a String in one thing, it doesn't seem to carry out that string in the rest of the program.
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    ooh, well i suggest you follow some tutorials, there are probably some good ones on youtube :)

    Good luck!
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