[TOOL] EMSI - Easy Minecraft Server Installer v1.1

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by JoeRay, Jul 31, 2012.

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    EMSI (Easy Minecraft Server Installer) v1.1


    The revolutionary tool is here to end all server setup nightmares.

    Setup a Minecraft server in less than 2 minutes without any knowledge.

    -Color Customization
    -Requirement Testing
    -Easy Customizable Settings (server.properties, bukkit.yml, whitelist)
    -Fast Server Setup (Based on chosen settings)
    -3 Step Process
    -No server knowledge required
    -Bukkit Support
    -Connected Users List
    -Full Console Access
    -Quick User Management
    -Small and Lightweight (Only ~1.65mb)

    Coded in Visual Studio C# 2010.


    .NET Framework 4.0

    Download Now!
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    looks great! i am sure many will find this very useful.

    does it work on mac as well?
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    Thanks that's what I was hoping for :)

    Unfortunately at this time only Windows :(. I may try to port it using mono in the future.
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    I have a auto server maker that works on Mac, AutoBukkitServer.
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