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    (8/32/12) a Update is in progress

    Node Remote Management

    Node is a tool that uses Server to Client by EXE to Remote Configure your Server from any location, you can Restart your server, Edit OPS, Server properties and View logs

    Notice: this is my first tool that i have released on bukkit. i spent 3 days developing this fast as possible to set it at a stable point for release, and spent over 3 weeks ont he code for 3.0, i really haven't worked on anything fancy like a full detailed User Interface for the earlier versions, so give me a bit to work on that. i will be adding a great menu and customization to what you can edit

    add AES Encryption to user files.(SHA512 encryption so far)
    Wait for Requests on what plugins to add
    Remove unused content

    Known issues:
    Logs do not work when server started(Partialy fixed)
    Bandwidth Hog/ Uses a lot of bandwidth(Fixed, Updates every 2 minutes)
    Essentials and mcbans editors are glitched
    Server log retriever broken

    Future Planned Premium feature:
    i will be adding plugins slowly to the free version of node.
    but for now. until i get a bank account(Real soon) i will be handing out 500 Voucher Codes.(this may Increase)
    Get a code: http://elysnet.no-ip.../node/codes.txt

    the planed price for premium will be $0.99
    i might release some coupon codes that knock the price down to 49 Cents.
    but most of all, Thanks

    Report Issues, Email it to me at Elycitpical@hotmail.com with the subject as NODE Issue or you can post below, but i may not be able to see it in time

    Setup Instructions:
    Your Start server.bat must be named "start.bat" for the restart server feature to work
    Place the Nodeserver.exe in your Server ROOT folder(the folder where your Craftbukkit Snapshot jar is) and Copy the Directory Location(Example: C:\my server) and follow the instructions in the Nodeserver.exe

    Q: I cant find my NodeID and i lost it
    A: Go to C:\nodeid.txt, your id will be there

    Q: i moved my server location and Node gives me errors when using Client
    A: go to C:\Nodelocation.txt and put the directory there. when done make sure on the filepath that at the end there is no \(this will cause another error)

    Q: how can i change my ID
    A: Delete C:\NodeServerToClient and its subfolders

    Downloads(Google Code) And older Versions:


    GUI Added
    Fixed a few Server Issues
    Implemented Premium Feature(3 D, 4 H, 12 M)
    added 500 voucher codes
    Servers back online with new hardware
    SHA512 Password Encryption added

    [2.00/Beta release build 5]:
    Mcbans Config editor(EXPERIMENTAL)
    Permissions Editor(EXPERIMENTAL)
    Essentials MOTD and Rules Editor(EXPERIMENTAL)
    Banned Players editor(EXPERIMENTAL)
    Fixed Server log when server started

    i accept all the thanks i can get, but this is just a start for me

    You can find more about this on Bukkit: http://forums.bukkit...8/#post-1178490
    id also like to thank Zhouwei For a bit of encouragement to continue and advice.

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    This looks cool:0 Mac?
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    hawkfalcon Sadly, no. its windows Based. im not sure if you can use MONO to run it, but try and give ti an attempt
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    Mono, in its default configuration, at least, does not run Visual Basic.NET programs. I've tried it on Linux, and it refused to work.
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    every time i try to click 'confirm id' i get an error: the remote name could not be resolved ' godwin.no-ip.biz'? is there anyway to fix this?
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