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    Suggested name: TheWalkingDead

    What I want: Zombies spawn in the woods, in big cities and on the highways. The longer a player stays at an area, the more zombies that start coming there.
    Shooting a bow will attract any nearby zombies, or spawn a couple within a 50 block radius
    If a Zombie Hasn't seen you, it will not be able to if you are sneaking.
    (Possibly) a certain enchant/potion affect will make it so zombies can't see you/ arnt attracted to you (just like how they cover themselves with zombie guts in the show)
    Different kits for donators (customizable)

    Ideas for commands:
    /twd help - List of all commands
    /twd setspawn - Sets Spawn
    /twd reset - resets locations to original amounts of zombies, map will be reset every week
    /twd kits - Opens GUI for Kits
    /twd mobs - Spawns mobs around everyone within 50 radius
    /twd killmobs - Kills All Mobs

    Ideas for permissions:
    twd.use - default permissions
    twd.admin - operator permissins

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