The tester role - what is it exactly?

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by bergerkiller, Nov 11, 2012.

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    I have run into an annoying issue: Now that I assigned someone to be tester, suddenly everyone using my plugin(s) want to become a tester. I found that the entire tester role is nothing more but a glitch.

    Anyone using a plugin is automatically a tester of that plugin. He spots an issue, and without realizing it, writes a comment or issue and has now become part of the development of the plugin - he found a bug which, with his help, could be fixed. Is he now automatically a tester?

    A tester has no additional benefits from being a tester. He can not edit pages or manage files, he's just a tester. Who fits the role of a tester? Everyone?

    So my question is: who do I assign a tester role? Or is this entire 'tester' role a broken feature and should I just stop assigning testers at all? I need to know this with urgency, otherwise I soon end up agitating more than 20 people because I removed their role, right now I can still manage this correctly.

    Please discuss, and thanks in advance.
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    Personally, i wouldn't personally bother with it. But i know some plugin devs have dedicated testers, or servers to test the plugin and the server admin reports any issues.
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    I think it's just a form of giving credit. You're completely right - everyone is a tester, but the ones you give the role are the ones that helped you get through the alpha stage I guess.
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    I have seen it given away to everyone and anyone, no one at all, and anything in between.

    In some cases, you may find certain server administrators a huge help in testing your plugins. Perhaps you want to reward them a little more by giving them that title. Perhaps you want to use their forum profile as a way to showcase your plugin. Ultimately, it is up to you how you wish to hand it out.
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    In the case I've seen (only one, and it's the one I'm part of.) simply be anyone who is there specifically to help test your plugin to make it safe to use on a production server, or squash and test/confirm bugs.
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    If you look at the page where you give users ranks on a project, it outlines all the roles and what permissions they give.
    Stuff like 'Tester' is generally used as a token of appreciation for people who have helped beta test your plugin.
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    All you need are automated unit tests.
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    I can definitely empathize with Ops. I have been part of many mod video game communities for 10+ years since high school. Once in awhile, I would work on a project and get overwhelmed by the over enthusiastic kids that want to help out...

    This past 2 years I have been playing mostly Minecraft. I enjoy the bukkit community and the hard working devs making MC more fun. Ive made a few plugins myself but for refreshing java [Took 1 1/2 years in college]. I had fun testing them in my Minecraft server changings things around and test test test test. I would ask many small things like "stand here" or "type this command". They would take only a few seconds and I would get the necessary data to improve my project. Afterwards, these players would request to be given credit....then they would ask to create a tester page and list them as tester leader.... suddenly you have them ask, "Can we name this project my name because I helped you out for 30 seconds". Kids really have no shame, and if I was their age, id probably say the same things =/. All they want is simply appreciation and love (kids need lotsa love).

    Whenever I get into these situations, I just be honest and inform them of my intentions. Once they help out simply compliment them and appreciate their time. If they ask for credits, simply say, "I am very grateful of your help." Then give them a big fat *wink*. Give winks to every member who has helped Then ask if they would like to continue helping out in the future. If not, then find someone else.

    Alternatively, If you are going to showcase your project to a community, what you can do is give credit and appreciation to a general group of people (This is what I do a lot). Lets say I have a big plugin that Ive been testing for weeks on a MC server. I would receive both big and small help from all the users of that server. Some will pour lots of hours and hours to help out. If I showcase the project, I give a big shout-out to that server, "and thanks to ALL the members who helped. Without you, this plugin would never existed. Thank you. (You know who you are *wink*)"

    Tester Member A,B,C,D....: OMG he winked at me, he was talking about me. I am INVINCIBLE *pumps fist in the air*:cool:
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