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    Download: Here
    The pex helper is a plugin that helps you to make your pex permissions
    It's easy in use and works perfectly for the nubbies and pro's
    It's is made in vb 2010. work on windows 64x and 32x
    (32x not tested)
    Options it has:
    List with permissions (essentials)
    Open source list edeting
    Permission list editor
    Live code view
    Easy layout
    Group and user options
    Fast links to helpfull site's
    Working on:
    Uploader for direct upload to your bukkit server
    Downloader for direct downloader
    An easy way for perm list sharing
    Debuging the promgram and text
    Pls reply and send some more ideas
    Need banner and logo for the program will be nice if somwan make's it​
    Greetz and good luck,​
    Sorry for bad english its not my main language
    The perm list editor​
    The main screen​

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    SHA256: bd47a473f81655438bc482436583398c41667fcec1d187ee8161bdcd08fe6b79
    SHA1: 6b8d02949550abe1bac91bdbd193f6e09432c5d2
    MD5: 3e1d6b531d1cf2512f2766d93f1aa822
    File size: 56.0 KB ( 57344 bytes )
    File name: Permission helper.exe
    File type: Win32 EXE
    Detection ratio: 0 / 42
    Analysis date:
    2012-05-26 06:58:38 UTC ( 0 minuten ago )

    Scanned by virus total by 42 virus scans no virus detected
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