The Permissions Plugin Debate Thread

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by codename_B, Jun 26, 2012.

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    You mean dev right? Yes, I'm trying to make my plugin better for everyone so getting opinions on why they like certain things and what they think could be done better. Is that a bad thing?
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    codename_B I got bPermissions on my server... But I want to make prefixes, how do I do that?
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    So even after attempting to help a bunch of people with PEX...failing sometimes and then just directing them to a different perm system or any program that could do it for them. I still think PEX works just fine, but I TRY not to push it on people.

    Not matter what plugin people just don't get yaml. Or they don't use PEX's modifyworld correctly. I know when I first started going this I wanted to punch a wall. A good programmer knows how to document his/her work. It is probably the hardest think got a programmer to do. Now all I'm saying here is both plugins documentation could probably be simplified.

    Like adding a super simplified slide show or powerpoint. It would be great if the plugin developers would make a youtube video about their plugin. Not relying on some user like Samiko to do it. Nothing against Samiko ~ he is pretty good at explaining some plugins.

    On a sort of related topic I think all developers plugins should work with the top 3 permission systems. Not be biased like a certain plugin creator who shall not be named.

    I hope my gibberish made sense.
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    If you have a chat plugin?

    /world world
    /user xxwolfterrentxx
    /user meta prefix &5[&6Hello&5]&f
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    Thanks, Works like a charm!
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    evilmidget38 Retired Staff

    I think most people realize that, especially considering he's been actively giving support in this thread. It's a good way for a developer to see where his code and work is lacking when you're comparing various plugins. If someone says "I like PEX because it uses one file", and a lot of people agree, then the developer should consider making 1 file an option. Otherwise, the developer just has to wait for people to complain, and try and figure out where their plugin may be lacking, and what features in it excel.

    Really, it's a good way to continue development. Rather than being forced to wait for bug reports, or feature requests, they can ask the userbase what they need. Many a user is too lazy to post on a plugin's page "Can you add feature x please?". They'll rather just switch to a plugin that has feature x, meaning the developer of the first plugin doesn't learn where they are lacking.

    TL;DR- This is a good way for us to get better permissions plugins.

    EDIT- Wow, didn't get the most recent posts, this is awkward....
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    codename_B How do I make prefixes for groups?
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    Maybe ask in the bpermissions thread, or look on the wiki (if available)
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    ./group groupname
    ./group meta prefix &6[GROUP]&f

    (same as users, except with a /group instead of a /user)
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    I don't run a server
    but when I did,
    i preferred bPermissions
    stay intuitive my friends
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    codename_B Do you know how bPermissions compare to PEX performance wise? Do any one perform better than the other on large servers?
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    bPermissions is faster, or at the very least used to be. There's some stats on BukkitDev.
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    I know Evenprime did some test back in the days when he was active. But I havent seen any up to date. Would be really interesting to see a neutral test on the permissions plugins today to see how they perform :D
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    codename_B bPermissions ofc, I am now trying to convert other ppl I know to use bPerms too XD
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    codename_B Is there a way to remove prefixes in-game after you make them?
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    I like bPermissions and PermissionsEX, they make great mosa.
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    There is yes.
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    How ._.
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    ./user cmeta prefix
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    Thanks! :D
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    have you tried something like

    pex user evilmidget38 group set admin

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    I've always really used PEX not that I don't like the other permission plugins I just don't see the difference my server seems to run fine with PEX and I don't know anything I can't do permissions wise, Plus I have all my groups set up with PEX now so if I was to switch to something like bPermissions I would need to start again, Or do I? I have no idea.. I know nothing about permissions all I know is I used to use Essentials Group manager until my friend told me PEX is way better, But the only difference I learned was that you can do the permissions with In-Game commands.

    So yeah I'm not here to argue about PEX is better then bPermissions I'm just here to ask why should I switch to bPermissions? I mean what can I get that I don't get with PEX?
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    zmolahah: for reference, groupmanager allows adding permissions ingame aswell, using /manuaddp

    i use GroupManager myself, very stable so far, i like the debug and the world mirroring.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı Retired Staff

    Here's a page why to leave PEX.
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    To switch from pex -> bPermissions you just need to run (in bPermissions) "/permissions import pex"
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    Oh sorry I never knew I always did it from the server panel,

    mbaxter Now that you mention it I have noticed that when I give a certain group (for example Member) a permission node like Multiverse.portal.access.(portal name) the rank above the Member rank that is a child of that group can not use the portal so I had to add it manually for each group and that was a pain to do considering I have a lot of portals set up and a few groups. So I think I will switch to bPermissions or maybe Group manager, I don't know but I don't want to risk problems on my server so thanks for the heads up :)
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    If you use bPermissions and want any help just make a HELP post and tag me! :)
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    tag me if you choose GroupManager or use the IRC, aswell.

    both Bpermissions and GroupManager are nice and stable, so its pretty much a matter of preference, IMO.
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    codename_B Just installed bPermissions now and ran the command /permissions import pex, Then I removed PEX but for some reason I have now lost permission for everything and lost my prefix. What I think might of happened was it removed everything when I used /permissions helpme. I thought the command would show me a bunch of bPermission commands :/

    Just searched on google for bPermission commands and came up with this link:
    It seems super easy to use so I can just quickly add all the nodes back anyway. Should only take about 10-20 mins so thanks codename_B for the plugin I'll be using it from now on :D
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    permissions helpme generates example files :p sorry matey
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