The pee plugin :D

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    Plugin category: FUN

    Suggested name: Pee

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that every 15 minutes (editable in config) a message pops up (client side) that says you need to pee (default editable also in the conflig) users can then type /pee to pee and then another message pops up (also editable) saying aah much better. Also leave a yello wool block infront of you. In different biomes different coloured wool is placed. Also in the rain and in the water you need to pee more quickly. All configureable Will also cause random potion effects

    Ideas for commands: /pee /pee reload

    Ideas for permissions: pee.pee pee.reload
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    What the f$%#
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    Also have is leave a yellow wool block infront of you
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    This should also depend on where you are, what weather - changes he colour of the block: orange for desert etc :p

    Or if you use a potion it lessens the time between peeing

    This actually sounds like a fun plugin

    If you are in an ocean, you should pee more maybe? All configurable of course
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    penguinben yes good idea(s) are you able to create this plugin?
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    A bit advanced for me I guess - I understand plugin making, but haven't put into practice for a while, I will have a go though when I get home tomorrow. I have been looking for a fun plugin to just extend my server this would do perfectly

    Kudos on the idea

    Edit: add the ideas posted from everyone to your initial thread post. Making it easier to read
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    Would be cool if you don't pee after x amount of minutes, you walk slower.
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    I would suggest a potion effect like in real life, if ya need to pee bad enough I guess it would hurt, or cause nausea (this bit not irl - I hope)
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    Just add in a potion effect; it wouldn't be hard.
    Use the Bukkit Scheduler to make it infinite until you take a piss.
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    Such a stupid plugin xD

    Can't wait till someone makes it
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    Thanks? xD
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    Is this everything you would like?

    //Everything is configurable
    -every 15 mins you need to pee, and it will show a message on your screen
    -you use the command /pee to urinate
    -the block in front of you turns into a coloured wool which cannot be picked up and will turn back into the original block after a certain amount of time
    -the longer you hold the /pee command, the worse you will feel - potion effects, for example nausea
    -different coloured wool for how long you have been holding it
    -different biomes affect how often you need to pee

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    and if you don't pee after a while you start to get like the confusion effect
    edit -
    never mind just saw that was already being implemented
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    Why sorry, you never did anything....?
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    I am definitely going to try and code this tomorrow evening!
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    crushh87 just sayin sorry 'bcus your idea was already implemented

    penguinben Thanks!

    penguinben update me when possible?

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    Seriously zero need to be triple posting within 5-10 minutes x.x - edit your posts instead of bumping your threads for no reason.
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    RingOfStorms No Seriously... Is bumping trying to get you're forum post up the list?
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    Random as F**K
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    EVEN BETTER! Also make them have to poop as well as pee so you get a more realistic experience :D
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    *Achievemt Get!* Time to piss lol XD
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    What is this Bukkit coming to
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    gamalamin1 Yes good idea

    Husky I know right, lol

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