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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by xcjen, Mar 10, 2012.

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    As the name says i can't find the name of the plugin or the command so when players type /spawn /home they have to wait 10 seconds before they get teleported to the spawn. + Any good plugin for hardcore pvp server?
  2. essentials is useful for /spawn and /home
    uhome is useful for /home

    those both have cooldown / warmup time change possibility.
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    I searched under plugins and i only found some outdated plugins :S

    I got this but when I search under the command book I can't find a command to do a cooldown to use it.
  5. Essentials and uHome are BOTH up to date.
    Im using essentials, before essentials i had uHome. Had to give up on uHome coz it didnt change donator ranks homes-.- it was stuck in 3 instead of what i wanted was 6.
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    So with this you can cooldown any command?
  7. No i think the cooldown works in commands /tp,/tpa/tphere,/home,/spawn.
    with Essentials.
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    i'm searching the command book and i can't find the command to delay it can you write it ?
  9. command book?
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    So whats the command or how can you delay /spawn ?
  11. u can edit config, there is delays for teleports etc.
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