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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by awesomer3, Dec 13, 2014.

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    Plugin category: Survival

    Suggested name: TheForest

    What I want (Here is a list):
    1. I would like a plugin that when you do a command it sends you to a biome with a forest
    2. The place it teleports you will spawn in a plane.
    3. The survival book will be a normal writen book that you can click and it goes to the selected page
    4. Suitcases are chests that spawn on the ground randomly and when you break it with an axe it will be removed and spawns in items that are set in the config.
    5. Structures will spawn like the natives houses and the caves they make and little tents. and a boat
    6. Natives (Retextured Players) will spawn in the forest.
    7. There are caves that natives make that has chests in them.
    8. When natives kill you they will take you to there cave.
    9. Crafting recipes should be added
    10. Anything not in minecraft normally you can choose what to make them ingame because i will make a texture pack for this.
    11. The lizard with be a cow.
    12. Prompts in the game will happen in chat.
    13. effigies can be pertraied as you like it i have no real idea to make them so you can do that.
    14. The lighter is the flint and steel but can only be used on fires and effigies

    Ideas for commands: /ftp -- teleports player to the forest

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: anytime
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    @awesomer3 I get the general gist of what you're asking, but others might not. I myself am missing a few things. You might want to use a bulleted list of features, each one explaining its item clearly.
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