The Bridges [Mineplex Game]

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    The Bridges [Mineplex Game]...
    I Have Plugin Idea...
    Plugin Gameplay:
    Each game of Bridges can accommodate up to 40 players (with a minimum of 20 players for the game to start), and there are four teams, so each team can have a maximum of 10 players. The teams are Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue. Being on a different team sometimes changes gameplay, though by not much. For example, playing the map Skylands will spawn you in a different biome-themed island depending on the team you choose (see below)..
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Commands Idea:
    /tb create [arena] --> [select arena with wand ] . . .
    /tb setspawn [yellow,red,blue,green]
    /tb setbridges [1,2,3,4]
    /tb setlobby
    /tb join [arena]
    /tb jointeam [yellow,red,blue,green] ---> To Make Easier add "citizens.jar" & "commandnpc.jar" and set Command to npc - example : /npc setcmd tb jointeam red --> Like on Mineplex....
    OPTIONAL : Kits
    /tb kit [apple,miner,sword,axe] --> you can add more...
    If Someone is planning to make this plugin contact me.. :)
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