The best Anti-Griefing plugin?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Gengarx33, Jun 1, 2012.

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    There's a massive collection of Anti-Griefing plugins but I have no idea which one to use.

    Can anyone recommend one for a server who's maximum capacity is 30 people and have 10-20 people on everyday. 4 and a half GB allocated into the server as well.
    Thank you.
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    The best Anti-Grief plugin you can use is Guardian <--- Click that to go to the Guardian Page.
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    I'll check it out.
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    Use permissions system :) and for new players turn off build so they can't build anything until a Op or Mob rank them up.
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    Well I use PermissionsEX and I need a plugin to watch and tell me who griefed when im not on. My server will be up though. And of course, to enable me to do a rollback.
    Guardian is being used right now and it seems like a good one.
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    If you can have MySQL then HawkEye Is by FAR the best
    You can rollback in a WorldEdit region

    And i assume you have WorldGuard for spawn ;)
  7. Hawkeye chest RB's is currently screwd. LogBlock IS BETTER
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    Chest RB?
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    Oh, well use Essentials! :D
    In the config you can add what you what blocks they can't add, or one of the best is, HawkEye.
    Hawkeye helps alot! :D In permissionsEx put
    build: False on the group you don't what to do anything :3 i create a ghost group for new people.
    Other option is to enable Whitelist.
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    I use CoreProtect without MySQL. Works just fine for my needs. Dropped LogBlock (cuz it kinda died ) and was quite happy with the switch. Also the author promised a switch to the new McAPI so think it will be good.

    There are lots of alternatives out there, see if you find one that fits your own needs.
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    Lol, its so hard to decide. >.<
  12. Rollback
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    I'm really liking CoreProtect, though.
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  15. Kk?

    READ ME (open)

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    Spam much?
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    LogBlock and GriefPrevention. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned GP. It is quite good if it fits your needs.
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    Same here, having 5 or more worlds. LB and GP working out good. If GP stopped working, i might use ARG for a while. (its updated). We are using WG for larger areas.
    Im using blockblocker to assist Essentials.
  20. WorldGuard, stop the griefing before it even happens.

    LogBlock and the like aren't anti-griefing plugins, they still allow it to happen, and allow you to fix the damage that has already been done.
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