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  1. Thanks CorrieKay.
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    Sounds like a fairly easy plugin to make, basically like a tap list. Do you want players who dont damage them after a while to drop off? As well, what if the player who should be getting the loot doesnt grab it, should it become eligible for anyone after a while?

    Sounds easy enough. I'll work on it right away :3

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  3. Thank you so much! I appreciate. I code Java too and have some plugins of my own and tried doing a plugin like this and it never worked sadly. You don't know how much I appreciate this!

    CorrieKay Could you send me a link (PM) when you're done?
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    Sure, will do!
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Why PM?
  6. Mainly because I'm the only one requesting it. If she wants to post it as a real plugin then she can do so. It's just one request though. It be better if people found the actual plugin rather than a link to another site.(Most Likely)
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    Most people that make plugins for this section post a link here to the download, mediafire and dropbox aren't uncommon here
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    I miscalculated the amount of time i had before i had to go to work today. I wont be able to finish work on it until tomorrow morning, however, i did get a bit done. if anyone wishes to continue working on it, they can go ahead and fork the project i just added to my bitbucket. Just add yourself to the authors list in the plugin.yml :]

    Thats not added, but its definitely possible. I'll make sure to get that implemented as well.

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  9. Thanks!
  10. Any luck finishing it yet? I completely understand if you don't want to with it being the holidays and such:)
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    Sounds awesome. Glad to see your still here.
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    Not yet, sorry about that. Some stuff came up yesterday, and I wasn't able to work on it. I'm working on it right now though :]
  13. Bless your soul and Merry Christmas!
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    Should be good to go now. I did some rudimentary bugtesting to make sure it works, but there may be some weird stuff in there, as always.

    tapType: 0
    postMortemTapExpiration: 12
    preMortemTapExpiration: 60
    requireWeapon: true
    allowKilledToRecoverItems: true
    invalidateTapOnNonPlayerKill: false
    transferExp: false
    ##Tap types (damage{0}, lasthit{1})
    ###damage: the player that does the most damage to the player being tapped
    ###lasthit: taps the player that deals the last damage to the player being tapped
    ##Post Mortem Tap expiration: the number of seconds after the kill in which the items are reserved for the tapping player
    ##Pre Mortem Tap Expiration: The number of seconds a player can remain a part of the tap without damaging the target
    ##require weapon: require the player to attack with a bow or sword to be eligible for the tap list
    ##Allow Killed To Recover Items: This setting allows the player who was killed to pick up their items, regardless of any tap, if the items were not picked up
    ##Invalidate Tap on Non Player Kill: This setting will drop all items without a tap should the player die by non player means, such as falling, or npc mob attacks
    ##Transfer EXP: If true, instead of dropping EXP on a player death, the experience points will be directly added to the tapped players exp pool.
    Heres an explanation on the config file i designed. Fairly self explanatory, but if you need some more explanation, i'll be happy to help :]

    Heres the download.
  15. CorrieKay
    Thank You so much! You're a miracle. God bless your soul!
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    Is this something you would be willing let other people use too? Just curious, since I found this thread while looking for a similar plugin for our factions server.
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    It's all public.
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    This link is dead for me - is there another source for it?

    Srry if the answer is obvious.
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    Sorry about the dead link, an issue came up and i decided to rename the plugin. But yeah, feel free to use it :]

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