Test Votifier for Topsites

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by marin1805, Nov 1, 2012.

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    Here is a simple tool to test if you votifier is working and is sending rewards to your players:

    Minecraft - Test Votifier

    You can enter your username and see live how your votifier listeners are working.
    It's easy to use and you can see the output live in your server console. Simulates what happens after your players vote for your server.

    Votifier PHP example for Topsites

    For all who what to start a topsite and they need source code to send packets back after voting to registered servers.
    I hope it's useful for some :)
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    Hi, please apply to the tools index.
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    Minestatus has one too.
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    I must say this is a very neat idea. Makes testing votifier (something I know others have asked me to help with in the past) painless.
    Good job!
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    Yea Minestatus has one but you can't test the listeners with it. This is why I looked for one that allows me to put the Username. Also put the wrong key for an instance on this tester and you get error that it's from key ... on minestatus you get general error.
    So it's improved :)

    I looked for this cause I installed like 3 listeners and I could not test with any live in game cause my username is not "test" :D This tester does that good, I can see on me online and on console...
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    Updated topic with a php example that may be useful for anyone who needs to send back answer to a server (topsite or whatever).
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