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    Minecraft version: 1.8

    Plugin category: Mobs

    Suggested name: TeamMobs

    What i want: So when you spawn a mob with a spawn egg i want it to go onto the team you are on and you can't hurt it i also want zombie pigmen and iron golems automatically attacking the enemy teams.

    Ideas for commands: none

    Ideas for permissions: none

    When I'd like it by: doesn't matter being patient is always good
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    What teams? Permissions plugin teams? Scoreboard teams?
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    Yeah plugin teams not scoreboard sorry i thought they were the same thing but in a mini game in my server the teams aren't scoreboard ones i want them working with those kind of teams and if the team has a color i want it saying Red's minion or something
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @Smurfamel And what plugin are you using for the teams then?
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    the plugin doesn't exist anymore on spigot but i paid for it and the name of it is eggwars
    here is the link but it is gone
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted not allowed paid resource url>
    here is the wiki of it less still exists
    Edit: ok just use scoreboards i think its impossible to to this with a plugin that doesn't exist i can work with scoreboards
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    Bump Read the edit in the post above this one use scoreboards instead
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    I have 2 others request in queue but I will check if we can properly use EggWars API when I have time
    What you want is not so hard to code but please explain each functionality as much as you can, it's very important for developers to gain time :)

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    Oh ok I forgot about this thread so what I want is when you spawn a mob like a zombie for example and you're on the red team I want it to spawn on the red team and say if blue team came near by the zombie I want the zombie to automatically start attacking blue same goes for other teams and make zombie pigmen automatically attack enemies also make so you cant hurt the mob if you're on the same team as it.
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