Taking off the coat?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Nijikokun, Feb 22, 2011.

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    QFT. There's a difference between constructive feedback on bug tracking and spamming the forums with HALP I DUNNO HOW TO BUKKIT.
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    My server has died with the introduction of group manager.
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    Bukkit permissions will arrive eventually :)
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    This is partly why I took up helping on the forums. Open source projects need to be a community effort, not just a dev working tirelessly doing updates and providing support. I am very pleased everyday I log on here and see some new community member helping out. I've seen the same thing on some of the largest plugin threads - Minecart Mania, for example, as a guy on the forums helping out users all the time, for free, and with no affiliation with Afforess.

    For every 100 of those OMG I NEED HELP! posts, 50 of those people learn something new, and maybe 1 or 2 of them will turn around and try to help others, and thus the community grows stronger. Sometimes all they need is a link to a FAQ (perhaps they stumbled upon the post via Google, and didn't spend the time to read and learn because they panicked or were too frustrated about their server being down).
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    Nathan C

    Although this definitely hurt the community, we aren't "screwed". There already is a replacement for iconomy, ichat, ishop and permissions.
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    Damn it.... just when I thought I could take a break from updating plugins....
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    In the name of all humble server admins who aren't coding wizards...

    Thank you.
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    I can't wait until CraftBukkit has a built in permissions system. GroupManager fails epicly.
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    what are the names of those replacement ? i opened my server the day they updated minecraft lol big misatke on my part i now have 20 + players that cant log on .............
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    Nathan C

    Herochat replaces iChat. You can get the exact same functionality, minus the bad exploits.

    DynamicShop replaces iShop. Shop that works, has dynamic pricing and stock.

    GroupManager is replacing permissions, although permissions will be built into CraftBukkit soon.

    Cookies is replacing iconomy.
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    Nathan C

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    So... thats it? All this for one day vacation?
    Geez, you took more vacation time while you still had your coat.
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    it's the Michael Jordan retirement plan, it's all the rage ;)
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