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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by lskitto, Jan 28, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Chat Related

    Suggested name: Tags

    What I want: Something akin to what Club Obsidian has.
    /tags should open a GUI which displays a list of tags set in the config.yml.
    They need the correct defined permission to use each Tag.
    This plugin should also hook into Essentials GroupManager so you don't have to download a separate plugin just to use this plugin ;)

    EXAMPLE CONFIG: (open)

    suffix: [&1U&2S&3A&r]
    permission: tags.usa
    display-id: 54
    suffix: [&1S&2w&3a&4g&r]
    permision: tags.swag
    display-id: 54
    display-text: &4Remove All Tags!&r
    display-id: 152


    [Owner] Reshiram342 [Swag] > Hello!
    No-Permission-Click: Please purchase this Tag at <URL-from-config>
    Permission-Click: Your Tag has been enabled, please enjoy!

    EXAMPLE CHEST: (open)

    (On Hover)
    "The <name> Tag!"

    NOTE: When they get the permission to use said tag they still have to ENABLE it via the GUI and they can only have one enabled at a time.. enabling another Tag replaces the old Tag, the "Remove All Tags!" button should dynamically update to stay at the END.
    Ideas for commands:

    Ideas for permissions:
    tags.* (ALL Tags Enabled, default: none)
    tags.<name> (<name> tag enabled, default: none)

    When I'd like it by: Anytime suits :)
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    My Plugin ChatTitles allows you to do that. It requires RankPrefix+ though. Both links are in my signature.
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    Thanks :)
    But the config folders don't auto-generate?
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    They do. After the first installation you need to restart your Server in order for CS-CoreLib to load.
    Also make sure to tag me otherwise I might not see your post.
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    Yep that worked :)
    But the titles do not show... I have a CLEAN folder for all 3 plugins, only touching ChatTitles for the permissions.
    I then add the permission to my rank > the title say's it's enabled after I click it > type something in chat > title not showing
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    Did you setup RankPrefix+ correctly and removed any other Chat plugins like EssentialsChat?
    You need to include {CHATTITLE} in your chat layout in your RankPrefix+ config.

    Also make sure to tag me otherwise I might not see your post.
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