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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by leon0, Jun 18, 2013.

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    Hello my name is leon0

    i recently found a cool plugin what was still in development but has recently gone inactive so i started updating it everything is working great but there is only a few things im having a problem with
    the island is completly square and has no real survival island feel as it also generates 20 trees what im struggling with please could someone help me here is a picture of how it generates right now


    here is the src code

    and ores are broken

    Thank you!
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    Well you'll have to look into some terrain algorithms or something because most people aren't just going to throw out a chunk of code to generate the terrain exactly how you want (you didn't even say, just said 'not square')

    How are the ores broken?
  3. I've never coded terrains before but i can see a simple way to "try" and replicate an actual island; the way it will be done is through randoms. Leave the default base then randomly spawn blocks on top of it in layers of blocks, just make sure there is a block underneath before placing one, that'll prevent blocks from being all over the place.
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    Sorry to be bumping a relatively old post, but as you said, the plugin has gone inactive as the original requester has vanished. I will push updated code, with hills, fixed ores, better trees etc if you want.
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