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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by 4am, Jan 11, 2011.

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    Rumors of a new minecraft server version are abound, some saying Thursday. If this release breaks hmod( which is likely will) will those on the hmod team put any work in to update it to work with the new release, or will we be able to see a Bukkit release in time? Is Bukkit stable enough to install for a small server from a git snapshot? Or should I backup my map and run vanilla for the time being?
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    - If a temporally hmod build came out, I use this build, if the plugins are working
    - If not, I will run a bukkit build with a new map as far as I find a solution
    - Otherwise, I run a temporally vanilla server

    What can we do? Backup the old Map(s), just wait and drink some coffee ;)
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    I am curious of this myself. We only really use hmod for /compass personal home and warp points but it means a lot of areas in our world will be difficult to access without that functionality.

    I still have yet to hear if home and warp data will be easily imported.
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    If not built-in, some type of import script *should* be pretty trivial to create. Seeing as the hmod team is on this, I assume many of the file formats, if not the same, will have a means of being backwards-compatible, or perhaps (this is better imho) copied to a "<filename>.old" and then converted into a new format.

    Just that part of it is a lot of work and a lot to think about, and Bukkit was started from scratch, so these details might not be present early on.

    I'm snowed in in the Northeast US today (not like "stuck-and-in-danger" work woohoo!) so I'm going to haz a bukkit myself and see what all the fuss is about :)
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    I would like to know this too...
    College Starting + New Server Files + Broken Hmod + No Bukkit = an upset server....
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    you can get 2/3 of these features already. If you use "temporary home plugin" it has /warp and /home and uses the same format as the old txt files so you can use the same ones. I haven't seen a /compass port yet. However you can use "General" if you need /spawn (just set spawn to whoever you want, set-spawn to your admin and the other commands so that no-one can use them).
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    the minecraft update has broken our hmod server i can confirm it

    its malformed our input bytes

    we rely on craftbook, stargates and hmod admin stuff so the present release of bukkit wont cut it for us though its looking like were out of choices unless hmod is updated (our biggest hope) for now were on vanilla server but so much seems missing, hay0, dinnerbone and team spoiled us rotten lol vanilla dont cut the mustard :(
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    Give it a few hours. There should be an update for Hmod. Hey0 said it would be updated until bukkit is ready.
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    I certainly hope so. I've gotten some upset phone calls from 2 of my mods. They don't seem to get the whole "Beta" thing.
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    Yeah... I bet that sucks. I think at best you can do right now is downgrade your client and server.
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    Tell them to suck it up and "survive". Honestly hMod made things too cushy for my liking. It is quite the experience having to actually hike out to your distant locales.

    Or with the help of Google I know there are ways to "downgrade" for now.
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    Same exact situation for me
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    I agree! I installed bukkit last night and ran a new map. Since there are NO built in commands (yet? - even console commands don't work!) it was basically vanilla minecraft, and I forgot how much I am missing it. I only have the plugins for the purpose of creating a city at spawn to have as a central point, and when my server goes live it's going to be "You have a home to be safe at which is protected from griefers. The rest of the world is wild, go nuts." Of course there will be moderators who will be able to stop actual griefing, but I have no opposition to PVP or mobs, I wanna see some espionage and wars and magnificent things built under the threat of unprotected minecraft. That's what it's all about. (Oh and I might build some secret dungeon quests scattered through the world). None of this "everyone has /i and /give, everyone can teleport and it's all invincible because minecraft sucks if you can die" nonsense. Maybe on a secondary but people need to lighten up and friggin PLAY already!

    I sure hope you're right. I have a feeling it might be more than a few hours though...obfuscation of the java code is the real issue; each update hey0 has to re-link all the functions (the java compiler gives them random two-letter names which are different each time) and determine if any functions are different. The Bukkit team will face the same issues, they are just promising to be more organized and responsive to server updates.

    Hopefully once there is a formal modding API then Bukkit can tie into that and some (or all?) of the functions won't need to be re-written each update. Hell, at that point we might not have a need for wrappers like hmod and Bukkit, but I have a feeling that even with the Mod API they'll be around for quite a while (erm, well at least Bukkit will...)
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