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    Plugin category: SpoutGUI

    Suggested name: MigcraftSupplies

    What I want: I want a spout GUI based plugin based on a editable window, in the config.yml I can edit what's in it. The GUI can be opened by typing a custom key or typing a command such as /supplies. You can list things that players can see. Basically, I am hosting a Harry Potter Related server and wanted such a thing so when players is in diagon alley they can see what they can buy in what store.

    Ideas for commands: /supplies, /MigcraftSupplies Reload

    Ideas for permissions: MigcraftSupplies.reload

    When I'd like it by: depends maybe 1-2 weeks

    Contact me on PM for more information about the plugin and I can give you a full list of details.
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    Yeah, Love HP i wish you will find a dev :)
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    Oh look at that no ones going to help you thats so sad. Attention any plugin developers looking at this thread DO NOT develop a code for this low life person. He continues to steal ideas from another server. You will only be aiding his path of copy right if you do so.
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    LOL you serious, I made this plugin like 4 months ago but wanted a more technical version of it. I'm not that good as a coder and I made this plugin before you guys. So may I say that you stole this idea from us??! We have already someone making this for us. Please just return to is "website" and stop hating on my posts because this will lead to nothing. You think you can shut down our server well you know, there is more than us making a hogwarts server. If you have any more to say come on say it. Just one thing before you say we "stole" your map. We never stole anything that is fake inventions of your god (theiking) lol. We didn't steal your players. They made a choice to leave. Now go on and just leave, you are pathetic.
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    Are you kidding me man your post is full of lies. Everything you just posted is a bunch of garbage. You really think you can play the ol' switcheroo on this one no not gonna happen man. Its actually really sad that you have to steal in order for you to become so loved (even though 1/4 of your server guests hate you). No creativity man just no creativity.
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    Lol, you never been on my server. You guys know we didn't steal your map as we have reset our map two months ago. The map is made out of a flat map. Can you tell me what I stole exactly? I had a points plugin over 6 months ago and now I want to remake it. Problem? Oh well, I guess YOUR post is full of crap because you don't actually know what your talking about. I won't be replying to this post at all. Message me in private if you want to have a conversation with me. I prefer not wasting my time on your but I LOL my ass off when you post something. You just made my day sir ^^
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    Locked. Flaming.
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