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    I have a huge cavern, about 180x180x60 in size, that I want lit like it was above ground.

    Any solution would be fine as long as I don't have to open it up to the surface. It's supposed to be an underground sort of world, like in the Jules Vernes books, and the amount of torches needed would ruin it. But I would like to say that the perfect solution would be to make glowstone have infinite range (still stopped by blocks) or better yet have it follow the day-night cycle in it's brightness.

    However, that might be kind of advanced and anything that'll light that cavern up like the sun would suffice. Thanks!
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    I know its possible to simply adjust the light level of a block. I have a flashlight plugin that does that. So, Im sure its possible to make it so you can adjust the light level in an area.
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    Been a while since I started this thread and hopefully someone can make this because the cave is still there and still dark :)
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    i think this is a great idea and i want to do something like this as well

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