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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by 2m3v, Feb 17, 2023.

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    Help me please summon a falling block. He needs to set the material, but I don't know how. Looks on many forums, but found nothing.

    code (open)

    PacketContainer packet = new PacketContainer(PacketType.Play.Server.SPAWN_ENTITY);
    packet.getIntegers().write(0, 22);
    packet.getUUIDs().write(0, UUID.randomUUID());
    packet.getEntityTypeModifier().write(0, EntityType.FALLING_BLOCK);
    .write(0, fallingLoc.getX())
    .write(1, fallingLoc.getY())
    .write(2, fallingLoc.getZ());
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    To set the material of the falling block, you need to add an int value to the packet that represents the block type. You can do this using the DataWatcher class, which is used to store metadata about entities and can be accessed through the PacketContainer.
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