[SUBMITTED] Pinapp v2 - a revolution in multiworld [1060]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by codename_B, Aug 16, 2011.

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    Pinapp v2
    a revolution in multiworld

    Status: in submissions


    Download: Pinapp v2.0

    Ever wished that you could do more with portals than just get to the nether? Ever wanted to use different portal block types? Ever wanted control over who can create/use portals? Want to use custom WGEN plugins without messing with bukkit.yml? Want to have the skylands on your server and glowstone portals to get there?
    Yeah... this plugin does all that and more.

    • per-world portal type
    • autogenerates a "home" portal
    • portal creation with fire or flint and steel (just like notch portals)
    • smooth teleporting
    • support for custom WGEN plugins without use of bukkit.yml
    • SuperPerms nodes: pinapp.portal.travel and pinapp.portal.create
    Example config:
    The plugin will autogenerate a default config file if you do not create one, don't worry!
            id: 15
            seed: 1557195922
            generator: Default
            env: Normal
            id: 14
            generator: Bananapocalypse
            env: Normal
            id: 90
            env: Skylands
    Config explained:
    • id - the id of the block that takes you to that world
    • seed - the seed of the world (only use if you want to manually choose a seed), can be left blank
    • generator - the generator of the world (ie. a custom WGEN plugin), can be left blank
    • env - the environment [Nether, Skylands, Normal] are your options
    • Tabs? No tabs, but yes there is spacing - if you have issues with YAML formatting I can't help you out.
    • 17/08/2011 - 1.9b - created post in WIP forum awaiting feedback
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    King Rat

    Brilliant, can't wait!
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    I love the portal functionality. The fact that it's just like regular portals, and not instant, is really nice.
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