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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by civ77, Jan 20, 2012.

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    Could someone link me to source code containing a good example of sub-commands or a tutorial on this? By sub commands I mean commands with an argument that is used to entirely change the functionality of the command (i.e. /pluginname command1 and /pluginname command2).
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    Please edit this thread with more detail. I kind of know what you meant but please explain in more detail.
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    Bump: almost any source code will do please link me.
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    how about you start writing code and when you have a problem post the problem, people aren't gonna just write out your code for you, I recomend looking at the bukkit wiki for plugin devs.
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    I can't see where you are declaring your commands in your plugin.yml???

    Edit: NVM
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    you dont need to declar the commands :) you can make this in the code.

    you had a CommandManager the Manage :) all the Commands.

    PlayerLister for onPlayerCommand


    Commands looks like this...

    And dont forget to register the Command Event for the PlayerListener :) then it works grate and you can easy make sub sub sub commands or what ever you want.
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