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    It would be Awesome If there was a stock plugin.

    It would add some much depth to economy Servers like the one i have it would be amazing.
    Now they could be actually Called: Economy Servers For Real
    I came up with the idea when i put money in stocks and it sounds pretty cool.

    Just think about all the possibility there could be that come with it.
    Just Image in your head. The Server Staff come up with say 20 different companies and some different factors that would come with it. They would Set the names and prices and what they would do. Also Who would run the Companies and what also would be the taxes for them. There would be so many elements to the plugin that the admin would beable to change and create as they would learn how to create it.The plugin could also go as far as the plugin would interlock with Icomony and would track as how much the people sell and make. To where if they were a Food buisness and through chest shops Sold 50 Cakes they would be good so the stock would rise a point or something of that nature. If they didn't sell many of the Cakes then their stock would Drop Slightly. Another Cool thing would be something like a person could Create a Sign and the sign would flicker and flash what their stock they put on the sign is doing at that moment. So at the big spawn area of a server that could have the Stock Area and charts showing what they are and doing.

    Ideas for commands:

    Ideas for permissions:
    When I'd like it by: As soon as you can make it.

    I hope everybody who reads this and things its a good idea because then it might get made YAY!

    So please Make it Happen!!!!!!!
  2. This would be a nice permission:
    Anyway, how would you manage stocks through commands? Yeah that's cool. But what about buying selling? I think that should be done through a GUI
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    Doesn't dynamiceconomy do this already? Despite not having companies, well, individual blocks could be considered a company, and it makes more sense too.
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    Hoolean Retired Staff

    Oh, I came here because I thought you were talking about a 'Stocks' plugin where players are trapped in a block and have snowballs and apples thrown at them... :D
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