Static mobs - Stop mobs from despawning

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Alesana, May 23, 2011.

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    @WinSock - are you sure that setting dead = true won't call a death event later? I did a bit of searching, but I wasn't able to confirm/deny this. Testing is in order (you can test with entity.remove() - it calls entity.die()).
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    Any news? Really looking forward to something like this.
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    I'm on vacation with a netbook. I can program but i would only prefer doing like emergency patches to my plugins. I'll get a pull request in when i get home, tuesday.
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    Awesome. Hope you had a good vacation.

    I look forward to seeing something from this. :)
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    Forking right now :D I should have a pull request in by today or tomorrow.
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    Any news on this? I realise 1.7.3 just got released though.
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    Wouldn't Customly displaying mob names above their heads require a client mod? I've never seen it done in any way besides a client mod.
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    I would love this! :D
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    Any news? :p
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    This is coming in 1.8, so chances are your not going to find a fix at the givin time
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    Anything ever come from this? I know we can now breed animals that don't despawn, but the ability to do something like this with enemy mobs would be great.
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    5000 People

    well thios was a fail
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    Bump, is nothing of this nature being worked on?
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    I hate to keep bumping this, but I'm looking for something like this. Everyone stop workin' on it or something?
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    Bump, if only for that EntityDespawnEvent.
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    So? This issue was never figured out. I have every right to inquire.
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