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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by madtomic, Feb 28, 2015.

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    Anyone know which stafflist plugin that has the Online status for the staffnames?

    Staffnameone - Online
    Staffnametwo - Offline

    I seen it but I can't remember which plugin it was. :(
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    There used to be a plugin called Playerz, but I think the dev took it off dev.bukkit and spigot's site.
    I still have a 1.7.9 version for it, I could give it to you if you would like.
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    Its a pretty simple plugin could be made easily.
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    Awesome! I will give it some tests.

    It's working great! Can you polish up a bit?

    Can you add options like chatcolor and format support?

    This is an example staff list with a title.

    StaffTitle: '&c&m--&4&m[&b&lStaff&4&m]&c&m--'
    - '&8[&a&lMod&8] &rModOne'
    - '&8[&e&lGM&8] &rGMOne'
    - '&8[&c&lAdmin&8] &rAdminOne'

    This way you can give each person a title follow by their name and online status.


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  6. I will make one with config
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    Ok. I will give a try. I think this is easy.

    Hey, what are you staff groups and tags? I will do something like this:

    moderators_tag: '§5§l[Mod] '
    - Mod1
    - Mod2
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    Staff tags are

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    Here we go!

    - Description:
    Shows the staff list
    - Permission: None

    - Description:
    Reloads the config
    - Permission: stafflist.reload

    The tags system is a little bit confuse. You need to put the tag in the same location that the player is, so, if Notch is in the 3rd line of the staff list, his tag should be on the 3rd line of the tags list. I know. i'm starting with java, but this is what we have for today :)
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    Thank you and I understand the tag system. It's not too hard to setup.

    Do you think you can add custom color for the staff names?

    I tried to use

    - '&d&lAdmin &6+'

    Thinking it would also make staff name the same color as + but I guess you had a set color for staff names hard coded.
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    Hmm... There is already a names_color option.
    You want something like: Notch's name in green and Herobrine's name in blue?

    If yes, here is a new version:
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    Thank you very much! :)
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