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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by OnlyBenno18, Dec 5, 2020.

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    Hey, so i would like a staff plugin for 1.12 and above that lets staff members go in and out of staff mode! So say if a helper goes off duty using i wouldnt want them to be given the off dty staff role and when they go back on duty it changes them back to there orgignal role
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    Please explain more, like what features are for staff mode?

    Also please check your spelling before posting and learn how to write a plugin request.
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    So basically if a staff member just wants to play on the server as a normal player they can do /offduty and it will give them a role called offsuty staff what will just have normal player perms and if they want to go back to being staff they just do /onduty and it will give them there previous role back
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    By roles do you mean permissions, chat prefixes, or what?
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    I think what they're saying is that when they go off duty they are like a regular player, and then they are on-duty they have staff permissions such as having access to everything, etc.

    This could work by giving an individual person a staff permission, then just simply change off-duty to on-duty as long as they have that one permission.
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