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    Plugin category: GUI

    Minecraft version: 1.16.x

    Suggested name: StaffListGUI+ ??

    What I want: So, I've been looking around for a stafflist plugin and I've found a few nice ones but they're lacking some things that I would like. I want a plugin that when the players do the command /staff, /who, /list etc. It shows the online staff in a neat GUI.

    I want the players to then be able to click on the staff member's skull that they want to message and it then takes them out of the GUI and automatically puts the "/msg <player's head that was clicked>" into their chat bar.

    I want the GUI to look like this: (taken from

    The issue with the plugin above is that it does everything I want but is lacking the easy /msg accessibility.
    That plugin also requires a staff member to add the player with a command. I want there to be a permission node to add to a staff group eg. Mod, Admin, Owner etc. that will automatically place anyone with that permission node into the GUI.

    Ideas for commands: /who, /list, /staff, etc.

    Ideas for permissions: stafflist.staff -> Any player in a group with this permission will appear in the GUI.

    When I'd like it by: We are planning to launch our server by next week (12/9/20) but it is not a necessity, rather a luxury. Whenever possible.

    This is the basic Idea that I have for the plugin, if you want to add extra details that would also be much appreciated. <3
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    You should mention your permission plugin.(Like permissionex, luckperms,etc)
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Vault handles that though.
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    Ah yes,your're right, i forgot about that
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    i think i can do that by the end of the week
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    Also i think that the only way to force text into a player chat is by clicking on a tellraw text so i don't this would work with items.Someone correct me if i am wrong
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    @troveg You can achieve this using Spigot's ChatComponent API.
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    Oh really?I have't really looked into it since i thought it was a simplified tellraw and I thought that the ChatComponent only worked with interacting with already sent text

    @Aiden099 Ok so this is done. Link

    The plugin supports multi pages.

    The permission for the staff to appear on the list: stafflist.staff

    /staff /who /list - Permission: stafflist.list
    /stafflistreload /stafflistr /sfreload /sfr - Permission: stafflist.reload

    Every message,Inventory name and staff heads name/lore are configurable.

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