[SSH] Handle: Control your Bukkit | Released ver 0.3.2 STABLE

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by T_Mac, Mar 15, 2011.

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    Handle: Control your Bukkit
    Handle 0.3.2 has been released!

    Handle is a python front end for bukkit, allowing you to use a gui-like interface from the command line. It also daemonizes bukkit removing the need to use screen or any other tool like it.

    Implemented Features:
    • Automated backups, restarts
    • All-in-one console - Control Handle and issue server commands from the same prompt
    • Gui-like interface
    • Pretty Colors!
    Upcoming Features:
    • Keep your server up to date with configurable automatic updates
    Future Plans
    • Optional GUI
    • Auto updating of Handle
    • Auto updating of Bukkit
    • a Desktop Client for Players
    • First and foremost this will only run on linux
    • At least python 2.4 (stock version for centos 5.5)
    • JSONAPI plugin
    Github: HERE

    Tar: HERE
    Zip: HERE

    Handle running through PuTTy
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    So this will be like a easy script to auto restart server ect at set times.

    I'm trying find something to do this my self but keep up the progress im interested!
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    Multi-threaded umm tell me more on this
  4. Hmm, Yes, I like this. I would like to know more about it being Multi-Threaded.
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    hmm i have a few questions, here is my config.

    well i use rtoolkit to deal with the restarts and stuff, how would i use this.
    also i cant get it to start ive tried ./client.py (sorry i donot know what im doing, have never used python)
    Running on Linux 2.6.38-8 & GNOME 2.32.1 with 32Gib of memory and 8 Processors

    path_to_bukkit = /opt/bukkit  (would this bee where the server files are)
    start_heap = 512
    max_heap = 25600
    screen_bukkit = bukkit
    screen_handle =
    original_path = /opt/bukkit    (would this bee where the .py files are stored)
    worlds = world
    version = 0.2
    auto_update = false
    update_interval = 0
    build_type = 1
    current_build =
    #################(can i disable these, because i use rtoolkit?)
    interval = 360
    interval = 60
    interval = 600
    hmm i also have this problem
    "ImportError: No module named daemon2"
    running Python 2.7.1+

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    @blaize9 The current version of handle does not allow you to turn off jobs as its still just a dev version. The way handle works is it opens bukkit in its own thread then reads the output so using a plugon to restart your server would break handle. I'm currently in the process of changing from a all-in-one program to a client-daemon one so the interface is still quite buggy. To start handle run ./handle.py and then run ./client.py this will eventually changed. As far as the error I seem to have forgotten a module I will upload it this afternoon when I am able
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    ok thanks =D
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    version 0.3.0 Released
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    re mckinnon

    Kick a$$ this works fantastically.
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    why is this stuff only for linux D:
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    It is python, you can run it on windows too!
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    re mckinnon

    False. It uses code that only runs on linux.

    Not to be mean, but you don't need this unless you are running a real server. Like a dedicated server. And if you are running windows on a dedicated server, please GTFO the internet :D
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    Pretty unique. Haven't seen something like this, pretty cool.
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    Lol I am running it on windows and it is dedicated, and it is still very good xD
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    its more or less retarted

    anyway this puTTy screen looks great, cant wait to try it out :)
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    Handle shows up and closes directly printing this: <__main__.Client object at 0x8982d0>
    Using python 2.7 on gentoo.
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    Are you starting handle with "./handle" or "python handle.py" You should be using "./handle". It will start up a new instance or reconnect to an existing one

    If your using "./handle" open handle.py and right after the imports change this line
    LOGLVL = logging.INFO    #<----------------------------------------- LOGGING LEVEL------------------------------------
    LOGLVL = logging.DEBUG    #<----------------------------------------- LOGGING LEVEL------------------------------------
    then post the contents of server.log and client.log to pastebin or something after trying to start handle again

    Most of handle could acutally run on windows but the library used to write the ui is linux only, and re is right most true dedicated servers are run on linux. Also I seriously doubt that someone is using ssh on his server that runs on windows

    Let me know what you think
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    Riwolfes and I are from the same Server

    here the client.log: http://pastebin.com/82yufxD7

    heres a screenshot, the server is running under screen, under the name bukkit, like in the config, i take the files from github , the newest one, not that zipped under downloads, i tried both, both are not working


    we are using Gentoo 64bit on a Dedicated Root with Python 2.7.1, i see for 10seconds one time, in the handle session, the help and the commands, but not more

    Best Regards
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    Handle starts its own server instance so you dont need one running already. The stuff about screen in the config file is garbage that I haven't gotten around to removing yet. Just run ./handle and type start at the prompt

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    This is awesome!
  22. Does this support multiple server setups in any way? Or do I have to create multiple copies of the handle?
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    It currently only supports one server you would have to Crete multiple copies of handle but if it something your interested in it wouldn't be to hard to implement. I'll look into it probably could have a working version by tomorrow.
  24. That would be awesome. Currently I tail -f all my server logs and manage the console over the Multicraft Webinterface, but a good working command line tool such as this would be far better than the multicraft webinterface.
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    T_Mac, would you be willing to look at some of the work I have been doing with baskit? I'd be happy to help out with handle.

    I looked through your code and I noticed that you weren't depending on any libraries. You could probably make your life a lot easier if you setup handle with a setup script then used easy_install or pip to pull it in from pypi. Then you could also leverage some of the packages up there to make your life a lot easier.
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