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    Nobody said MySQL is the way to go for everybody in any case. Well, at least I didn't. The point is: It should be possible. And it would the by far the best if Bukkit would handle this, as everything would be in place like that, instead of every plugin handling things in it's own way.
    I know Bukkit is still early in development, but the sooner this is implemented properly, the sooner there's a standard in all plugins. Especially now that it gets most of the attention.
    I hope you know what I mean.

    Of course it's a matter of preference, I'm used to edit pretty much everything in phpMyAdmin. So naturally I wish there was database support. Others in this thread don't need this, may even see a disadvantage in it, but nobody is right here. Everything has advantages and disadvantages. That's why both should simply be supported.

    For your concern about changing, you're right, you'd need a converter. But writing such a converter (from CSV to MySQL for example) would merely take minutes.
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    I agree with your entire post, and I did not mean to say SQL isn't useful as it clearly can have benefits. I just wanted to point out SQL doesn't guarantee better performance, and can hinder it on small servers. I've seen too many posts about people rushing into SQL because they hear it's "better". It all depends on the circumstances on the server you are running.

    My main point was those converters should be included with the plugins. Was quite frustrating on hMod to see plugins that supported SQL, but had no conversion scripts included. Perhaps we need a SQL conversion plugin :p
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    Who needs a MySQL <-> CSV converter when you can just use the CSV storage engine in MySQL!
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    lol, didn't know that yet, "nice" xD Anyway, it was just an example =P
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