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  1. Since Spout is released i'm still waiting for this.
    Quests you can take from Citizens NPCs and which appear on a GUI tooglable by player with "Q".

    Each quest with configurable title, objectives, reward etc ...
    And on GUI appear the current status of the quest, with Checkboxes for objectives (I KNOW Spout can do it).

    I'm just sad that all the power of Spout isnt unleashed.

    Because images are better than words:
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    I agree.
  3. There's my idea:

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    Awesome. However, wonder how much work it would be :\

    I think they would have to implement all images, on items && custom images.
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    Hey! Surprisingly this is exactly what i am working on. I'm going to post a WIP post later today, however this is underway and extremely far in progress.

    Right now, NPC's, Quests, Rewards are done, and the GUI is 80% complete!

    Also, all configuration of quests, etc. is done in a spout GUI to help with admin ease :)
  6. *pressing like and follow*

    Love you guy.
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    My god! This will be great!
  8. Any news ? :/
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    This would be perfect for my bukkit adventure map! We're already using citizens for quests! Nice!
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    Yeah ill post some screenies here soon. I really should upload a development post at some time.

    Just a quick idea of where it's heading:

    • NPC's can be both human and mobs. Right now i have my trusty Daisy the cow, and Wizard the human. These NPC's can have custom skins (including High-def), custom names, human NPC's can hold items and can be toggle between invincibility and mortality. This shall allow for great slaying quests (slay this NPC...) but also means that people won't be able to just go and kill your loyal quest distributors.
    • All customization of characters is done through a GUI. Which means : EASY CHARACTER CREATION/MODIFICATION FOR ADMINS. No more of this going into the configuration files, crazy long commands or extensive searching of the wiki for help. Tooltips and labels mean entering information into those simply laid out text fields is so much easier!
    • Quest reception appears in a simple layout, this includes displaying your cash (if relevant for the server), what the rewards are (money, experience, items, etc.) as well as all messages and requirements to complete the quest. The messages and requirements can be quite long though, so could go off the screen! How is this fixed? Scrolling of course! You can scroll down to finish reading that.... lovely... erm, message that every RPG player definitely reads before accepting a quest.
    • This plugin is made by me. Now, the challenge of promoting my plugin, yet not boasting is present.... I am a... er, open eared developer. Feel free to contact me with ideas... Actually i know what im after: THIS PLUGIN IS MADE FOR YOU ADMINS! IF YOU NEED SOMETHING, I WILL DO MY BEST TO ADD IT! Of course this doesn't mean ill add random non-quest related things. If something is out of the scope of this plugin however, i am completely willing to create a separate mod. Of course, priority is to this mod until it is released.

      BTW, here's the modification screen of characters (Still ITM). There are tooltips that appear when you mouse over too .
    • http://i.imgur.com/43uM5.png

      EDIT: Crud... very much longer than i anticipated :p Sorry for the excessive read.
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  11. Omfg. Guy you're definitly AWESOME !
    Be sure i'll make a vid and a publication on minecraft.fr. This need to be famous, YOU need.

    Mf... Can't wait 8D
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    Um You can't make the GUI toggle with "Q" because "Q" drops items on the ground

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  13. Lol. YOU configured like that ;P For me it's E (azerty keyboard).
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    You want promotion, I could help with that.

    you should post what you have, and maybe an alpha build in the WIP&&Development section; that would get more attention. Looking forward to an Alpha build!
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    AZERTY is a specific layout for the characters of the Latin alphabet on typewriter keys and computer keyboards. LOL ok I have a QWERTY Keyboard so "Q" is drop items lol
  16. With SpoutCraft it seams to player can change the key used in plugins. But idk how it works, I think it's to the plugin developper to see that.
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    Yeah somewhere in the config file...
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    What i might do, is simply have commands, such as /bq toggleViewer

    Sounds ridiculous? Yes it does, but when your using spout, you can bind a key to that command

    Pause > Controls > Key Bindings (i think) > add /bq toggleViewer and bind it to whatever key you want.

    I think the spout code for default plugin binding is broke :\

    EDIT: Btw, this is me mucking around and modifying my wizard character :) I had posted the link above, but decided putting it in image form would let more people see (gosh you lazy ones...) And yes, the skin field was bugged when i took this screenie :p Shorter image urls might be required.

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    Do you have an ETA?
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    Wow, ill be watching this. Hope you can come up with an ETA soon.
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    OMG your plugin seems great, no news for when it will Come out :D ?
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    cant wait
  23. Sounds good,
    Here a few suggestions:
    • API so other devs can easily hook in with their RPG plugin for XP rewards
    • Tooltips for the reward items so custom item effects (RPG percs) will be displayed when hovering over the reward items
    • Register Support
    • NPC creation screen API, again for custom RPG effects - so we can add the NPC's strength etc.
    • "L" = Quest Screen, showing all the active quests and quest info of the selected quest - One button to track quests, another to abandon them
    • Quest Tracker on the left
    • API for level based quests (So that players only will be able to start some quests if they have reached a certain level)
    • "Quest Completed" Splash screen and sound (custom)
    • Ideas and thoughts: Script events on either quest start or quest end - making quests unique and more authentic; Lets say Farmer Joe pleases you to get some materials so he can repair his griefed house, so once you completed that quest (brought his materials) A schematic gets loaded replacing his broken house with a brand new one. This wouldn't even need to be an schematic - it could also be some kind of a roll back.
      I think this idea would contact good to RPG World as this will spawn the citys automaticly and maybe could even dynamically create this quests which will resolve in very little scripting work but exiting gameplay, as each player has direct and permanent influence on the world. However there are many ways of not doing the boring kill that, bring me that, break that shit. I really would like to see something more in depth and I think Minecraft's power is that its dynamic, plugins should be aswell.
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  24. Suggestion feature:
    The key to show actual quests HAVE to be configurable, some of my players are left-handed and use OKLM to move (azerty keyboard).

    Also, here are my big suggestion:
    Dongeon Feature, allow to create Dongeon worlds and entering area in main world.
    • When players are in entering zone for a donjon, they have to be more than 2 (or a configurable amount), then they can press a start KEY and they are teleported into the dongeon.
    • A GUI appear when players are in entering areas (defined with worldguard), something like [Donjon Name], Next line [Minimum Players needed] Next line [Press X to start]
    • When they start, they are all teleported in donjon world (all players who are in the entering area)
    • When they arrive at the end of the donjon, they're teleported back, and the world is ressetted as it was before they begin (if they needed to destroy something in the adventure).
    • If others players want to enter the dongeon in the same time others are playing, a copy of the world is created and works same that the other one. At the end this world is deleted to always keep only one.
    • To prevent farming rewards and experience, the second time they play the dongeon, XP reward is massively decreased and they don't win other rewards (money, item) anymore.
  25. So the quest feature of Minequest basicly - which is epic.
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    Is this still going to be created?
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    nm u?
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    is this still active?

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