Split experience among players in the_end when the dragon is killed

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    Plugin category: Fun/Mechanics

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    Suggested name: FairDragon, DragonEXPSplit, DragonDeathDance, whatever you want to name it.

    What I want:

    Block EXP orb drops from the ender dragon then when it gets killed one of two configurable things happen.

    1. Equal shares mode: When the dragon dies everybody in the end gets an equal part of the total XP set in the config. If the dragon drops 20000 experience and there are 4 players in the_end then each of those players should receive 5000 experience.

    Edit (New Idea): If possible, to prevent a player not getting a share due to dying and being in another world when the dragon dies, there could be a session timer.

    • If player was in the_end in the last X minutes and spent at least X minutes in the _end player will receive 1/[number of players who meet the previous conditions] of the total XP that is set in the config.

    This may accomplish two things.

    1. Allows players to gain xp for their work even if they die.
    2. Prevents players from jumping in the end, dying, and running off to wait for xp while everyone does the work.

    2. Fair Split mode: A player receives experience equal to the % of damage that the player did to the dragon. Even if the player dies, and ends up in another world the player should still receive their share.

    Example: If 3 players do 50%, 25%, and 25% damage respectively each player will receive that % of the total experience set in the config.

    Additional configuration setting:

    • A setting to set the total amount of xp that killing the dragon rewards in experience format, not levels. This amount would still be divided among the players when the dragon gets killed. It is not the amount to give to each player.
    • In the_end within the last X minutes setting.
    • In the_end for at least X minutes setting.
    Ideas for commands: /PLUGINNAME reload
    Note: I came across a plugin once (forgot what it was because I stopped using it right away) that forced the bukkit /reload command on /PLUGINNAME reload. Please do not do that. I imagine most devs would not do that, but the /reload command can do some damage to my server so I had to mention it.

    Ideas for permissions: pluginname.reload

    When I'd like it by: We are having a dragon killing event this Saturday, but we can always use this plugin for our next dragon slaying event.

    Potential Developers: Anybody who thinks they can code this in a light weight, yet functional way. codename_B, Kainzo (Sorry about the recent problems with your hardware), TnT, tyzoid

    Notes/Extra Info:
    I am still using bukkit build: #2317 1.3.1-R1.0, but I have no doubt I will be updating soonish.

    Please post questions, comments, additional info requests, and ideas in the comments.
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    Seems like a good idea, support.
    If someone is going to develope this, do this share for all mobs, if possible.
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    Are you suggesting that this should have the option to share xp drops for all mobs?
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    I dont know what i was thinking.
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    Clarification, in "Equal shares mode" should only users who damaged the dragon get xp? or should all players in the end get xp?
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    Thanks for responding tyzoid.
    All players in the_end when the dragon dies should get a share of XP. This is in case players are helping in other ways besides directly attacking the dragon.

    Edited in some clarification in the original post, and added some new thoughts.
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    Maybe a weekend warrior will see this.
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    Sorry for the delay, I've been pretty busy.

    I'll take a stab at the plugin.

    I'm thinking of making a more general plugin "teams"

    It would have most all of the features you requested, and then a little bit extra. (like /team join xyz or /team create xyz)

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    Thanks for taking this on tyzoid. I look forward to testing this. An option to force the teams to be even to prevent unfair teams would be great too. I think this others would enjoy this plugin too so I hope you are publishing it on dev.bukkit :).

    Hey thanks for taking the time to do this. I'll test this out when I get a chance.
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    Well, for teams, would you be looking more for PvP? or for PvE?
    Edit: I'll just include the option in the config.
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    I run a PvE server, but thanks for including the option in the config.
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    I think my SplitXP plugin could be something you can use in order to do that (and a lot additional things): http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/sxp/

    It is beta so it is a little bit buggy yet but I will improve it more and more over time :)

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