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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Mackey, Dec 14, 2011.

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    Hi all :)

    I'm looking into getting a dedicated, for a server i'm working on at the moment.
    It will be running alot of "big" plugins at once about 10 - 15. What kind of specs should i be looking at getting if i was to have no lag, those plugins and about 50+ online.

    Also what's some good hosts that you are with or been with? Thank-you :)
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    Go with kimsufi or Hetzner.

    kimsufi are located in France
    Hetzner are located in Germany

    I am with kimsufi and they are great. I’ve herd great things about Hetzner too but they have high setup fee on new servers. With 50+ people u will need a decent CPU like an i5 or i7. Minecraft is not great with utilizing multiple cores so the higher the clock rate per core the better. Ram you will get away with 5 to 8 GB allocated to the actual minecraft server itself. RAM is dirt cheap these days so go for a dedicated server with 12 to 16 GB RAM if you can.
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    with kimsufi's
    Kimsufi 24G
    howmany people could i run with 30-40 plugins ???

    4x 2(HT)x 2.66+ GHz
    24 GB

    Thanks man
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    20-40 plugins? 20 is about average for a server nowadays though so I'm not going to fight you. Considering your large amount of RAM I'd say it's most likely. However the upload and download speed can come into effect when using MySQL databases which, since your server is appearing to be big, is most favorable. Or if you wish to run everything flatfile that is fine as well. Make sure your Upload and Download speed is dedicated as well, if you share it, it could be a problem. Provide some more information and greater detail about the server before asking again ;)
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    you also have OVH in Europe so that makes 3 ;)
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    i tried to keep them to as low as i could, but the amount of plugins i use just gets larger and larger :\
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    I’ve got about 40 plugins running and i have had 100 players online with little lag. I wouldn’t really worry about how many plugins you install but just watch out for plugins that are resource heavy and cause lag. Not sure what firecombat means about mysql databases and bandwidth. I would avoid remote MySQL databases and keep all databases hosted locally. The server has gigabit network card however you are limited to 100 Mbit upload.

    Speedtest to Paris server

    Speedtest to London server

    If you want to pop on to see how mine runs then the address is mc.madgaming.eu. There is usually 60 people on in the evenings (GMT) BTW my server is the kimsufi 24G so it has 24 GB ram. The server i am talking about above only has 8 GB allocated to it.


    Kimisufi are owned by ovh. The server is hosted in ovh datacentre and you get the ovh control panel to manage your server. The ovh control panel is really great. It’s by far the best i have seen.
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    so you def reccomed kimsufi??? atm im lagging like hell on a tiny 4gb ram server with 30 plugins and 20 people lol
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    From what region are you? if you want i do a speedtest from ovh to your region.
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    Nathan C

    Where do you live?

    OVH has poor connection to North America.
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    i live in new zealand, but 70% of my players will be from the usa etc, atm actually my server doesnt lag at all that was mis-information its just going over the allowance for ram, they are hosted in arizona
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    i suggest to rent a server in usa then.
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    Is there any good hosts like kimsufi that are in the us that you can link me??? thanks
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    i am from eu so idk.
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    IOFlood looks interesting, what is their uptime? support, etc etc, im thinking about the 160$ one
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    Exactly, that's why you're better off paying more in the first place, not worth the trouble. On the other hand when you're paying so little you can't really complain all that much. Seems to be a mixed bag from reviews I've seen.

    http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1037123&highlight=ioflood review
    http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1063124&highlight=ioflood review
    http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1037123&highlight=ioflood review
    http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1090569&highlight=ioflood review


    If you're set on a US host you can't really go wrong with them.
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    There's a bunch of hosts out there.

    The deals section on WHT is good for discount dedis, some providers that come to mind include Server4You, Kimsufi, OVH, Hetzner (pretty amazing if you can afford the setup fee — nobody can beat $55/month for a SB i7 + 16GB RAM + 2x 3TB insane HDDs + 100mbps 10TB), Limestone networks (OK, not cheap, but their support is the best in the industry for unmanaged services), DediDirect, JoesDC, BurstNet, VolumeDrive (just stay the fuck AWAY from their VPS offerings) and a few other hosts that escape my memory right now. Softlayer is also great, but way out of most people's budgets.
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    I'm starting to think about getting à dedicated server for my community. I was looking at kimsufi and Their 16gb server for £35.99 each month. Would that be sufficient for a minecraft community with between 20-50 players and about 20-25 plugins?

    Other questions: which OS shall I choose on the server? I'm not that used to linux have mostly used Windows but have heard that linux is better since it takes up less ram and cpu
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    Yep, that i5 and 16GB RAM is more than enough for 50 slots. Shove everything in RAM, save to the HDD often, and you could fit quite a few people on there.

    I use CentOS, 5.x and 6.x are both fine. It's preferred over Windows because it's more secure, and much more lightweight (a few hundred MB is enough for the OS usually, people have fit trimmed-down versions of it on 64MB servers).
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    sounds nice will have to read a bit more about how I set up a minecraft server etc on a dedicated server don't have much experience with dedicated servers. Do you have any good guides that you know off? :)
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    Well, you'll need to know Linux basics...
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    Go with RazorServers.

    Xeon E3-1230 (3.2Ghz)
    8GB RAM
    500 GB SATA3 6GB/S HDD
    10TB Bandwidth (100Mbps)

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    That's rather expensive, you can get that for much cheaper at many other places. Still, not as bad a deal as some I've seen.
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    Care to provide links to the "cheaper" places?
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    Hetzner, VolumeDrive, and a few other hosts (if you're looking for E3s).

    Although I have to admit if you're looking for 32GB E3s, then Razor is quite a good value.
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    Which would you consider best of all 3? We need a dedi asap with a good datacenter (being DDoSed right now)
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    Nathan C

    Volumedrive is cheap, BUT they have the absolute worst support. If your server ever goes down, it may never come back up again....and they randomly crash, etc.... Oh and did I mention the up to 1 month setup times for the server?

    Hetzner is really the way to go for a cheap host. They have decent support, have been around for a long time and are stable. Once you get over the setup fee with them, they are a great host, for a great price.

    Another one to look at is WorldStream. http://www.worldstream.nl/serverdeals.php

    They have good support, fast setup and a great network. Also, just like Hetzner, they own their own datacenter.....no reseller BS.
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    Thanks for the suggestions


    Thoughts on this one for a 100+ slot MC Server? Seems ridiculously cheap o.o
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