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  1. Plugin category: Fun, Mechanics(?)

    Suggested name: SpecialEffect

    What I want: I would like a plugin that provides custom powers/abilities per player. For example, an ability I would like is 'LifeSteal' where, if a player has the permission node, they have a configurable percentage of how often they 'steal' a heart when hitting another player. I have a few ideas for effects in mind, but I don't want to create a huge list of them on here.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: specialeffect.[power] <----[power] being where the name of the power/effect goes.

    When I'd like it by: ASAP. I do understand this will take time, and I'm in no hurry, but the sooner the better.
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    While it's not entirely what you're after, EnchantmentPack has a number of custom abilities and requires EnchantmentApi which also comes with permission nodes for every enchant included in the pack. An example node:

    One of the things to note is that these do require enchanted items as configured.
  3. That's why I can't use it. I need the abilities/effects to be added to a player via permission node, not an enchantment.

    Thanks for trying to help though.
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    I'm brand new to plugin development, and I would love to help create this plugin. I'd like to get started and see what I can do. Can I contact you for further info on all the effects you want? Thanks :D
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    The plugin moarstuff lets you add cool effects for certain things such as one person can have permissions to get this rod that can steal a heart from the other player with a 20% chance.

    Note: I'm not sure that it can do that advanced stuff but I'm pretty sure you can make it so it does 1 heart damage and gives you 1 heart but you got to do them separate if you like the idea I can help you with it
  6. jdrzl

    I don't want it so they require an item. I want them to have a permission that lets them do it permanently without the need of an item. For example, they can use any item and have a chance at 'stealing' a heart (whether it'd be a fish, or a diamond sword).


    Sure. Can I talk to you via bukkit? I do not like to give out my Skype information.
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    Ok then but that plugin will be hard to make so it might take some time for someone to make it.
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    So I may be able to do this... But I need more information. So you want a effect when they have a permission? Do you mean potion effects?

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