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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by kasper227232, Mar 26, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Shop

    Suggested name: SpawnerStore

    What I want: I'd would like that when you wrote /spawners in chat you would have a GUI popped up with all the different spawners that are purchasable, and you would also be able to buy them from the GUI (Set prices in Config). Another thing is that I would really enjoy if it was possible to make a sign that also sells spawners. I have some screenshots of what I mean.

    Buy Spawner Sign.
    Spawner Shop GUI

    Ideas for commands: /spawners

    Ideas for permissions: spawner.gui(So you can open the GUI and buy from it.)
    spawner.buyfromsign(So you can buy spawners from the signs.)

    When I'd like it by: Between Friday and Sunday :)
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    @kasper227232 Starting making this right now...

    *Hitting random keys*
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    BuySpawners has a lot of bugs, and he isnt fixing the bugs. Whenever i use the plugin i get a ton of errors in the console. It dosnt have all the features that i would like either.
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    I'll give this a shot. I'll update with my progress later.
  6. I will make it and post it to dev.bukkit :)
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    @CMPSCdev @OfficerDeveloper @Icyrelic
    Guys! When I say I'm making the plugin, then you don't have to make it! And it took so long because I have a life if you where to ask...

    First build done:
    Also needed

    Note that I haven't added the GUI yet and when you buy the spawner, you don't have to pay right now... Fixing this...

    Sign creation:

    * Price without the dollar ($) sign. Will be added when clicked done.


    Will give you 3 Cow spawners for 5 dollars.

    EDIT: I've added the permission "spawnershop.sign" for buying from a sign. This is applied on build #2 or higher.

    EDIT 2: Now money is withdrawn when buying. Applies to build #3 or higher. (VAULT IS REQUIRED!!!)

    EDIT 3: Added gui. "spawnershop.gui" is needed to use it.
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    Awesome, thank you so much. Are you able to make this plugin have a SilkTouch spawner feature also? So i dont have to get a second plugin for that. Only if you want to and have time for it ofcorse :) Also, could you give me a list of what you called the spawners? Cause i dont seem to be able to find the name for a Zombie Pigmen Spawner

    EDIT: Yeah i've seen the edits :) Im also following along on Jenkins :D

    Last edited: Mar 26, 2015
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    You can use any type from this page: .
    All "_" symbols are replaced with spaces. So "IRON_GOLEM" would be "Iron Golem" on the sign. BTW note my edit in my previous post.
  10. Just because I saw you comment that you are making it, doesn't mean that other people automatically can't make it.. Its a fun project I thought so I want to make it, I don't care if you made it or not.
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    i didnt make it or say i was i said it was ALREADY MADE
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    @Zandor300 What is the command to open the GUI? And did you add permissions for the GUI yet?
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    I could make this plugin for you, if you'd like.
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    @kasper227232 /spawner

    btw didn't test it yet... I'm at school right now and I'm 3:00 pm CET at home.
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    The command /spawner dosnt work, i have essentials you have to keep in mind. So you might have to disable that command first, or just change the command to /spawners.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @kasper227232 You can disable the essentials command yourself as far as I know
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    How, cause i cant seem to find anything in the configs.

    EDIT Never mind, i found out how to disable it. The command works now.

    @Zandor300 The command works now, but when i buy a spawner, it will drop the egg that i click on. I get the spawner but it also drops the egg from the GUI. It also shows way to many spawners, it shows more spawners then what i said in the config.

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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @kasper227232 I don't know where exactly as I never used Essentials
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    Could you also make a command that makes it able for an admin to give themself or another player a specific spawner.
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    What exactly do you mean? The description is a little vague and hard to understand, but If it is what I think it is, I may be able to make one easily.
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    could you add a replacer for silkspawners? so users can mine spawners with a diamond pickaxe enchanted with silk touch, the plugins didnt work together.
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    I'm a bit busy lately with my school but I will have some time this weekend. So I will look into it then.
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    whenever you get arround to adding support for mining spawners with silktouch could you also add it so if a player has a permissions and he blows up a spawner with tnt it has a chance of dropping the spawner(% chance defined in config)
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