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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by BaddCamden, May 22, 2024.

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    Hey, just wanted to suggest an implementation for bukkit. Currently, playSound method returns a void, which means no modifications to a sound can be made after it has been played. This is bad since sound modifications like pitch, volume, and location tweaking is very important for certain immersive features. This can be achieved with protocolLib however this should be achievable with basic Bukkit. Please, implement a Sound instantiable class!

    Also I do not know if this is the right channel for this, but I suppose since it is a Bukkit Developer Feedback channel it is.

    *in the meantime i'll create a utility plugin that implements this feature using protocol*

    EDIT: nvm the ability to do that is at the very least deprecated. oh well. Bukkit, Definitely implement this if you can!

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    Moved to plugin development.
    Why not make a library to do it?
    That is the beauty of plugins.

    If you want it: ask spigot to add it, from here there is absolutely no control on the code.

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