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    Ok, first of all i was looking out to the new BukkitDev forum.
    than it came there, it was hard to understand, so i stayed at this old forum, wich i think is a looooovly forum.
    now we have to move to bukkit dev, so i thought i would give it a try,
    i have never rag quited so hard in my life, first of all after a while i descided to search for a good html editor, since i couldn't even make it so the text was in the middle, so i did that, i pasted the html code there, putted it on "safe HTML" and clicked preview. ehmmm, why where there enters everywere. it didn't look like anything at all. then i just copied my old bukkit post and pastet it there, so that was done. after a while :/
    Ok, he upload image, Cool :D
    so i uploaded an image, it appears on my main post, that is cool but this image is to big. lets delete this one, (after finding out where it was) clicked delete. "Reason:" hm what? i just want to delete it. so i filled ina reason. klicked delete. and it didn't show up at my "Images" anymore. ahh great. so i go to my Main post. WTF? why is it still there? i thought i delted it. so i click on it. delete it.. and again it still disapears in my Main.
    The other thing is the PM thing.
    i got the message that my plugin was acepted, so i read the message and went on doing other stuff.
    He cool! a new PM *Click* huh? just this old one? ah ok, i go on with other stuff. He again! and again the same PM. this keeps going on, no where any button to delete or say you read the dm..
    The next thing. i went to the lugin list... wow. to much information. i liked the old system where with you could see just the title, now i have to hover over an image to see what kind of plugin it is.

    Conclusion: i hate BukkitDev the concept looks cool, but it just doesn't work.
    i now need to spent more time on a post then writing a plugin.
    i don't know if all those things will be fixed, but it would be great it it would become a great working forum. cause right now i need to spent more time on nice posts than plugins.
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    Should say "Conclusion: I (jeroende2e) am to illiterate to even be able to complain correctly."

    /end bad mood

    1- Use this: It contains all you need to know. By the way, center is <<center>>text here<</center>>

    2- "Edit Image" and un-check "Default"

    3- That's happened for as long as I can remember, deal with it. They'll eventually fix it.

    4- Why hover over an image? Rather... Who puts their plugin in an image? That doesn't make sense.
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    Same here... And how.
    Thanks to @feildmaster tough for giving me the ''Center'' code.

    Still: Can the BukkitDev text editor be upgraded? I just cant work with it. Its not user friendly...
    And the rest to0 what @jeroende2e says.

    Oh, and i voted for yes. But it should be NO.
    I thought the question was: Do you hate BukkitDev

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    now i see the ediot has nice stuff and isn't simple.
    i know there is porbably a way to solve all the things, but a little bit more user friedlywould be nice.
    just some simple things wich makes it way better.
    It is a really cool idea the BukkitDev, only some things need change alooot.
    if they manage to fix those things, then it is a nice forum

    EDIT: i meant the new image system instead of [Econ] or [Fun]
    i think the images looks cool, but now the main page has like 20 plugin names, and the old list 100 or something
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    Mm, I find it hillarious how Bukkit Dev in many ways (and so does the entire Curse Downloads platform) mimics IP.Downloads yet fails to include a proper text editor :p That's the one they use, it's free, open source and incredible powerful.
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    I like Bukkit more also. It's more easy to get around, sourced and the layout, in my opinion, is phenomenal. It's a very clean look. I am glad I am not the only one disappointed by this. I wish it was vise-versa, they were suggesting us to use Bukkit, and switch from BukkitDev.

    Although I do understand that if a Admin/Moderator tells us to switch, I probably will and forget about Bukkit. To me, I just have to get used to the look, then I get obsessed with it.
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    As I read all of these hate messages for BukkitDev, the more I want to do a tutorial video on how to use it. It's not really all that hard to do things for it if you know what you are doing.
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    If you have that thought to do a tutorial for how to use a forum, then you know something is wrong.

    You're probably right, maybe it just takes some time to get use to, that's all. I would like to bring what you said in the picture though:
    Bukkit gets LOTS of members a day. Some of them are newbies when it comes to forums. If you say that, then many will not have any clue how to use it.

    For the Bukkit Community sake, they should just cancel/delay BukkitDev. From the looks, it will hurt the community a lot.
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    People should never need a tut for a website...
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    It's not a forum, it's a fully-featured website. The only reason that I've thought about making a tutorial video for it is because so many people keep complaining that BukkitDev sucks because they can't do "x", when in truth, they can. (For the most part. There are a small number of complaints under this category that are legitimate, and you really can't do it)

    All the more reason to have a tutorial video for it, so people don't have to go around doing the wrong thing every time. All it does when this happens is annoy people, creating a negative environment for the new people just getting here.

    If they cancel/delay BukkitDev, the same thing will only happen if they do it later. People will complain/etc because they don't know how to use it/it doesn't work the same as the old forums. (Nobody likes to change things that they already like)

    I agree with this one, but most people on this forum, I'm starting to realize, don't want to learn how the website works because they already know how to use this one and at this point in time it does the same thing as BukkitDev. (Laziness factor)
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    Frankly BukkitDev must be made in a way tutorials are unneeded and the tools out power the forum tools or else it's simply a failed project forced to continue...
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    From all of the complaints I've seen, none of them are complaining about how they can't do this, or that, but more so of the layout. And doing a tutorial, in what I see, won't affect anybody's opinion. There are already some topics on BukkitDev explaining about it.

    You shouldn't have to do a tutorial for it. That is the Administrators responsibility and they explain it fine enough. (but some users don't read it) If people "go around doing the wrong thing every time" then it is obviously too confusing. It might not be confusing to you, but it might be to others. And trying to force upon over thousands of users to watch a tutorial is not fair. A "fully-featured website" shouldn't even HAVE to use a tutorial, or even a thread describing how to use it.

    Well, the staff can obviously see most of the community is not enjoying BukkitDev. Delaying it can at least give them some time to tweak some things up.
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    You can probably get around with the text coder,
    but the layout is somethign you can't do anything about.
    when i was looking at he old plugin list is was compact and clear.
    at BukkitDev a plugin has a way to big text area.
    i liked it that you could see 30 plugin titles at once. instead of 3

    Yeah, that would be a better option, or a official forum where you can say things about it.
    (perhaps already exists)

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    This is one of the things I do agree with. You should be able to set a description and actually have it be a description, not the main page of the project.
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    Do it, i spend 2 hours on making a header, and im still not done.
    I decided to just send it to normal plugin submissions. Can better spend my time on coding.
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    Check out my signature, and look at SunBurn and BurningCreativeSuite's pages. Which one of those two would you like to see in a tutorial? I'll teach how to make something similar, but not exactly the same :)
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    Tutorials would be really great. If you have one can you either give me a pm or post the link here
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    I've got to go to sleep for now, but after class tomorrow I'll go ahead and start doing some videos so people can get the hang of BukkitDev. I think people would be much more willing to accept BukkitDev if they know how to use it, so I've decided to record a few. I'll be home at approximately 5pm PST (right now it's 2am) and I'll post the link here when I'm done. :D
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    Nice! Eagerly awaiting it =D
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    I really think this is terrible.

    We're switching to a service that requires tutorial videos to understand.

    Steve Jobs is turning in his grave right now >.<
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    I see there are more. I did like Bukkit with just the forums. Since BukkitDev came. I didn't like it. I was OK with it. Then I saw the post "Moving to BukkitDev". I didn't was OK with it anymore.
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    BukkitDev isn't hard to use. I've got like 5 plugins up there. The problems I've had with it have been posted in another thread.

    It's not perfect, but at least it's structured. There is a much better tracker on there than on just a giant forum thread. Just take a look at the WorldEdit thread. There's like infinite pages. They made external bug tracking to help them (redmine thing). Now you have all this in one location.
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    Except they don't, they still link to an off-site wiki, bug tracker, And irc for help...
    BukkitDev is trying to do too many things crappily instead of one thing good like it should. It's a common problem I see with plugins a lot too.
    If you ask me it was pushed LONG before it was ready, and I'm questioning whether it will ever BE ready.
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    Show Spoiler
    It won't.
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    On the bright-side BukkitDev is up when the forums are down :/
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    The only reason the forums go down is because lukegb schedules them to go down...
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    Drakia, any chance I can speak to you via Skype or something, I totally agree with everything, but I have a few questions about one of your plug-ins.

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    What a shock that was to read. And didn't you like the excuse of why they go down when they do? Because the servers are in a GMT timezone, they schedule the downtime during the night over there. What the hell does the location of the servers have to do with when you schedule downtime?
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    I only offer support via the plugins topic
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    I can see the potential in it, but the design/layout is absolutely horrible - it could be made much more friendly to use/understand/navigate.
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