Filled (Somewhat) Simple RPG Leveling System

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Xp10d3, Jun 29, 2020.

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    Is the group called rpg.race.elf? Or just Elf? In the config under "commands" the command
    'lp user {player} permission set rpg.race.elf'
    is run. Is this the correct command?
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    Yes that error doesn't make much sense.It is supposed to add a permission but for some it tries to add a group

    EDIT: Tested on my server and it works as it should
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    Yes it is.

    Alright I'll ahve to try later
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    @gochi9 Hey I'm going to try and test the plugin today, but I'm just wondering do you have a permission for each level? Ex. once a player reaches a new level a permission is given to them like "rpg.level.1" or "rpg.level.67". Just curious. Thanks :)
    EDIT: Permissions work now! Apparently the config didn't save 0-0
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    Ok i think you do not know what permissions actually are. [​IMG]
    Do you think that i made a plugin and "created" this permission? No
    Because a permission is just a string that is assigned to a player using a permission plugin,meaning you can just put something like /lp user {user} permission set thisismypermissionnotyours.5534 and it will work just fine without "creating" one like you suggested in the request because you don't have to.I guess this answers your question(you can manually add them when they level up in the config at each level)
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    Alright, thanks! Yeah even if they don't have that permission that's fine, just curious :) Might make the process a bit easier but I'm making a plugin anyways that'll import the YML into a database, so it's fine. Thanks for doing this! I'll mark this as filled.
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    @gochi9 Hey sorry to bother you again. Is it alright if I decompile the plugin and add additional features?
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    Pretty sure you can, the plugin doesn't have any terms of use. But I would recommend you to not ever credit yourself for doing the plugin on any context even if you add to it those features since it would be very disrespectful for someone that spent his valious time on helping you make a complex plugin for free that should require hired developers. Other than that, just go ahead and add the features you want, tho if you mess up the code then don't bother gochi9 and fix it yourself.
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    Alright, thanks. Will do.
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