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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by phaed, Aug 28, 2011.

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    Anybody else feel a wave of depression hit when they are browsing BukkitDev? I love the functionality it provides for developers, but as far as the UI for browsing something is definitely missing. Is this really it? This will be the interface that will occupy 99% of bukkit user's time. Is this really all we get? The title of the plugin, an image, and a text dump of the first x amount of characters in the post? Where is the subheading detailing the description of the plugin, written by the plugin author? Do I have to dig inside each and every plugin I see to see what its about? Where can I sort by community ratings, how about staff ratings? How about popularity? How about number of downloads? How about number of released versions? Use case: I am still running 953, how do I find pluggins that support my cb version? Use case: I am looking or a #chat plugin or a #multiworld plugin? How about adding keywords/tags, and giving us a tag cloud? Use case: I want to find all plugins that support Spout? How about browsing by dependency? The data is there, where is the interface to dig and sort through it?

    Is this really all we have?

    "No matter how good your backend systems are, the users will only remember your front end. Fail there and you will fail, period."
    - Tristan Louis

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    Don Redhorse

    well I think the new stuff is quite nice what it is missing though is a whats new for the plugins. Can you subscribe to forums per plugin?
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    I was thinking this myself yesterday. I actually find it easier to find the plugins I need using google to search the bukkit forums. I really hope they improve it soon because right now its terrible!
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    I like the plugin searching and the functionality of BukkitDev, heck i'm even starting to like how it looks and feels.
    Although for a while it will be hard to make the transition between Submission>Releases.
    To BukkitDev, but think, given the time it needs BukkitDev will be great.
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