some mean people are able to crash minecraft servers [DDOS]

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by TheTrixsta, Oct 12, 2011.

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    You obviously have no clue about DoS tools and methods other than LOIC. To take down a server on your own takes a lot more skill than using a bot net.
  2. Yep, I'm a piece of PHP code known as a forum.
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    Lol. No it doesn't, the whole trick is sending (large) enough false packets, there's several tactics to it aye and different ways of proceeding, but none of them are exactly "hacker" qualified and all of them can be learned to a 13 year old kid without prior education. :p You can try to max the connections out, try to make the firewall go bazooka, there's a lot of ways to do it. :p

    You going to try and fool me these kids have any actual "skill" at all besides what they learn from tuts? :p real hackers have better things do to then this bs.

    These are just a bunch of pathetic kids who are in desperate need of a life. Like it or not.
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    The biggest hacks use DoS/DDoSes as sort of "distraction". DDoSes can be done by any skid who looks around for a RAT. To do a successful DoS against any large server, you're going to need to come up with your own exploit. Last time I checked, finding a vulnerability and writing your own shell takes more skill than expanding a bot net.
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    Oh noes, so many e-thugs acting tough in this thread.

    HURR DURR I R 1337 HAXX0R.
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    Actually, a large server doesn't nessescarily require an exploit. There's multiple ways to everything pal :p You can try to overload the software, the maximum connections, screw with hardware...
  7. Just look at Sony :p
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    That's an exploit..
    Against a large server? No... You never see YouTube offline due to a slowloris attack.
    That would classify as an exploit, if you remotely did it.
  9. There are a lot of people trying to sound smart in here.
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    No it isnt :p *sigh*
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    Why stop them? The show gets better and better every second.
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    Did you just say YouTube runs on one server...?
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    This thread is from last October. I'm not even sure what we can learn from your addition.

    Unless you are relying on lots of "donations" to keep your server up or have a psychological issue that requires you to be around lots of people at all times, there's really no reason not to whitelist and have some sort of basic app on the MC forum, where you can at least research someone's post history and vet them through the various ban sites. That is, unless you have a high tolerance for these kinds of hacking/spamming/griefing incidents. There are organized groups who spend every night looking for open servers they can harass, and leaving your door open is all the invitation they ever need. And heck, you just told thousands of people right here that you have an open door and crap security. It may be time to re-assess.

    Oh, and no, you really can't track an IP to a house unless you are part of law enforcement or possibly a superhacker extraordinaire.

    Good luck.

    EDIT: I see the stronghold error is still around... oy.
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    It's all good. It's not a lack of security to the root server, only to the Minecraft/Bukkit server.
    It's also that I don't need lots of people about but man it costs me a ton of money to run a server and it seems pretty pointless if the server only has a few players and my players and myself included all want more players. Having a whitelist has always been something that crops up but the majority of my players prefer to leave it off even though they are already whitelisted. We have seen the impact of running a whitelist on a server that doesn't have the funds to pay to advertise.
    At the end of the day I pay out a lot of money and there are a lot of individuals that like to ruin my players gameplay experience (something I care a great deal about) and I don't see how it's legal or fair for somebody to kill a paid for (or not) service without any repercussions.
    Regardless of whether this is an old thread, It is a heads up to other server owners.
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    This is not true, just requires filing a lawsuit.... well, unless the people were actually smart. But, if they were smart about it, well... law enforcement isn't finding them either.
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