Some Friends Can't Connect to My server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Killercookie96_, Jul 5, 2014.

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    Hi I created a minecraft server for my friends and myself. So before people go and say I need to port forward I have already done that. So I am using the 1.7.9-RO.2 and some of my friends can connect to my server but others get a connection time out error. They can connect to other servers. I am using Norton Security Suite for my firewall and I have unlocked the default minecraft port. 25565
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    Have you tried to verify that the port is open? What IP are you giving your friends? You need to give them your external IP, not your IP.
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    So I did give them the right ip I am not new to creating servers and I know how to do them but when I check the port it says reason connection timed out. But I don't understand because some friends can connect others get connection timed out?

    I now know that the issue is with norton security suite and I am going to disable the firewall in norton and see if they can connect.

    I disabled the firewall and they were still unable to connect

    Ok so I changed some settings in my norton firewall and when I use the website to check if the port is open it says that my isp is not blocking that port but my friends still can't connect they get connection timed out.

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    So I finally figured out what the problem was the firewall on my xfinity router was blocking access to some users but not others I simply downgraded the firewall a step and now users can
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