[SOLVED] How to generate smooth hills for my World Generator?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Tim Visee, Apr 23, 2012.

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    Tim Visee

    I'm working on a huge world generator, called Dungeon Maze, it should be released soon and you'll probably find some posts about it by then. On top of the whole world/maze I want some small grass hills, like flatlands in minecraft with smooth hills with a hight difference of 5 or something (so yes very small smooth hills, not huge mountains!) to make the terrain on top look a lot better. I don't know how to generate those smooth hills, could anyone help me, I even think it isn't even to hard. For now I only have a flat grass layer which isn't what I want to have.

    For people who want to know; The hills should be generated when the chunk is generated, and not with a populator.

    I hope I explained my problem clearly.

    Thanks in advance,
    Tim Visée.
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    Maybe this helps you:
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    Tim Visee

    Thanks, by the video title I think this is what I need :). I'll check it out.

    Thanks it helped me a lot, it fully works now!

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