[Solved] Enderman block pickup restriction (mc 1.8)

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Zothen, Sep 14, 2011.

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    euh thank ><

    the version for 1155 work in 1149 ! (but I have not see a enderman for test)

    good plugins =)
    I test this
    it work

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    No, it doesn't. The new features will not work, and will cause console errors.
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    this plugins is so fantastic ! But I feel that the pig-zombie & ghast was disappeared on the Nether...
    I've bukkit 1157
    and the plugins version for 1150
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    Tim Visee

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    Tim Visee

    Yes, thats right, you can configurable the blocks, but I can set if Enderman can clone blocks, things like that. And enable this only between 2 layers, multiworld support and some other things...
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    I was going to work on an Endermen blocking plugins, preventing them from spawning. I'll see if I can f**k up the code and allow it NOT to move blocks if config value (prevent_pickupblocks) == true.
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    way to test it would be to get a mob spawning plugin and spawn 500 endearment and see what happens...

    ill test this on my server tomorrow
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    Great work!

    This will be on my server tomorrow.

    EDIT: It works like a charm!
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    Tim Visee

    This plugin has a LOT more functions and things to change for TNT and creepers, btw, You can also disable the creeper, TNT firebal and other things and only enable the Enderman part...
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    Endermod doesnt work, in the newest RB build, does not prevent endermen from picking up blocks at all. And yes I did configure it!

    EDIT- However Tim Visee's plugin Safe Creeper 0.32 works perfectly for this :D
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    It doesn't work entirely.
    I spawned 20 enderman with only this as my config file:
    - 13
    They did take some gravel, but a couple took dirt blocks too
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    do you have to have the - before the block type
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    does it work in 1.2.5
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    No, this plugin was only a temporary plugin to fix a fairly urgent problem. There are now many other plugins that will do this.

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