[Solved] Bukkit Website Template...?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Stevensaurus, Aug 1, 2012.

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    Looking the the source code for the website (first one) I found this..hope it helps

    <a href="http://xenforo.com" class="concealed">Forum software by XenForo&trade; &copy;2011 XenForo Ltd.</a>

    <span>Flexile Dark theme by Erik Swan.</span>
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    You don't even really need to look at the source code, at the bottom of the page it clearly says "Forum software by XenForo"and the "Flexile theme by Erik Swan, modified for Bukkit."
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    Oh, wow. $140 for a public license? .-.

    Thanks for the help, but it's out of my price range. :l
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    I'm with you. There are free options though, like WordPress or PHPBB, etc., depending on what you want.
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    Jade Retired Staff

    laxerbrohan Uh, that's an opinion. This is mine; I hate Enjin, in fact, I don't play servers that use it. I'd rather a professional board, or even phpBB/myBB.
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    Different people like different things. Its ok.
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    IPB is cheaper and in my opinion better.
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    Wordpress /PHPBB Does the job fine, why bother paying for it.
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    Jade Retired Staff

    tanveergt5 That's like saying: "Windows isn't free. Why shouldn't I use Linux" -- So you can do things the other cannot.
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    linux is improving alot, take a look at ubuntu http://www.ubuntu.com/
    alot of things u couldnt do on linux a while ago or easily doable now
    for example: steam, tf2, etc etc
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    And what can't you do on Linux? have you ever even used Linux? from your sarcastic comment I assume you don't even know what it is.
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    Jade Retired Staff

    tanveergt5 I don't know what it is? o_o. [​IMG] Is this not Linux?
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    You can't compare Windows desktop O.S to a Linux kernel.
    Opening putty and htop, congrats sir here have a cookie.
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    Jade Retired Staff

    tanveergt5 Thanks! I shall eat it immediately! Also, yeah, that's all I have on-hand. I didn't want to reboot to switch to Mint. /shrug
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    Bukkit uses Flexile, for my forums I use Flexile Dark. It's just a lot more...sexy =P
    In my opinion at least.
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    Wordpress + Vanilla forums. The key is to make your site not look like Wordpress and integrate the forums into the theme. Completely free, save for the web hosting fees (but that's super cheap). I'm not a fan of Enjin. While many people like it because it's easy, I can't stand the look (even with several themes).
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    Have been using Enjin for over a year now, and honestly, our minecraft community (Rarecraft) probably wouldn't be able to sustain the level of contributions needed if it wasn't for the integrated features they offer. Yeah, wordpress is fine if you want a place to communicate with your players, but what happens when you want to create a seamless experience? This, I feel can't be matched by any of the aforementioned platforms.
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    Unless you happen to have time for HTML/PHP stuff...
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    lol768 Retired Staff

    No, that's bash
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    It can be matched very easily if you are competent in web design. It doesn't take more than an hour to create an experience different from Enjin and it will be completely different. But not everyone wants to bother with that.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Still prefer to make my own forums, customization: 100%
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    That is linux, it's Cent OS.
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    I use a a Mac, most of my friends hate it but i love it, i dont need winrar :)
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    Not necessarily.
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    lol768 Retired Staff

    It's the most popular shell, so it's likely to be. There's also htop running on the right window
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