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    I have been building a mod for single player minecraft and I would like to convert it to a bukkit plugin.

    The basic idea is a team of players have 1-4 days to gather resources for life underground.
    each day the plant life and water are disappearing on the last day anything out in the sun are set on fire.

    To make this work I tweaked the code used to form ice and snow to randomly destroy the world. I'm not sure how to randomly trigger world changes from a plugin.

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    What event would be able to trigger something being on fire. Checking if the block above every block is air, in X chunk (onChunkLoad) would cause massive lag. Wouldn't it?
  3. in single player its fine, on the server its laggy in the final stage but once the affected blocks are gone it calms down.

    i was thinking a new type of weather ? some how trigger a heat storm, everything under the storm becomes dirt and fire storm moves to a new area.
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    I would change it to gravel instead of dirt because grass might spread from newly generated chunks onto your dirt...
  5. Grass was changed not to spread in full sun.

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