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  1. [​IMG]
    Made in france, but it's in english! ;)

    You are novice in Configuration of plugins bukkit ? Yes ?
    Then this software is for you !
    Configurator is a software coded in VB.NET by me. This logiciel will serve you in :
    • Config a plugin without open a .yml file !
    • Config in less than 5 minutes
    • Have the ready file and then just replace after
    The plugins configurable in 0.2:
    • Essentials
    • PermissionsEX (WIP)
    • iConomy
    • Factions (Just instance.json)
    TO-DO list
      1. fix lot of bugs
      2. Animations on the menu
      3. Permissions and rank infinite
      4. LANG : ENGLISH
      5. Post on bukkit.org
      6. ?
    • Blabla = Things to-do
    • Bla/Bla = in progress
    • Blabla = Finished
    • Blabla = Canceled
    List of Bugs
    [BUG#001] No update but the software find one update. (Will be correct in the update 0.2.2)
    Download NOW IN ENGLISH!
    Version 0.2.2 (click on the picture)
    You think this is a virus? Look at the bottom of this thread for virus scan!​
    Menu of version 0.2
    Configuration of Factions
    Configuration of PermissionsEX
    Configuration of Essentials
    I prefer on skype !
    [​IMG] thedada11000
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    this is just like a copy of my plugin studio i made lol
    but my project stopped because people marked it as scam software lol
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    MrDada11000 Any chance you can add support for Infected and/or Info Board?

  4. Hello, A configuration in the software for your plugin ? Ok, but do you have skype for discuss ?
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    Sad, it's exactly what I was looking for .. but it's in french
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    That would be perfect, if it was in english.
    Good luck with ya project.
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    That's quite a good software you have made but please translate it into English.
  10. Welcome to.... THE ENGLISH VERSION!
    Change Log:​
    • Remove the preference button.
    • Better interface for essentials, and PEX.
    • Download a plugin fast!
    • French language disappears... ! :D
    It's my translation... sorry for the faults... report me for correct.

    It's done!
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  12. NEW UPDATE !


    --> A new design for Essentials, colorful!
    --> An installator for choose your language (French_FR or English_US)
    --> Fix a bug with the update detector
    --> Plugin browser

    Download link : http://dadcraft.fr/dl/Configurator.exe

    Sorry for the faults, I've 14 years old and I'm french!
    If you have a suggestion, please PM me or in the comment of this thread or if you want to discuss with me my skype is thedada11000 . Thank you.
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